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Roasted Green Chili and Gouda Chicken Roll

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I was inspired by a chicken spendini post a week or so ago, so here is my version of that.

Chicken Tenderloins flattened between plastic wrap using a rolling pen

Brushed with Yoshidas

First layer - combination of this year's roasted anahem and pablono peppers

Then a layer of Hickory smoked gouda

Last was some left over egg noodles...??... we'll see!

I rolled these and found this step to be much more challenging than any fattie I've ever done. I think it was due to using tenderloins (lots a smaller pieces) instead of breasts. I finally managed to finish, then stuck them in the freezer for 30 minutes before I bacon wrapped.

Bacon wrapped

These will be grilled this evening with a hickory smoke bomb.
Thanks for checking out my chicken roll.
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Nice job Tracey. Looks great.
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Should be fanatastic....Big fan of green chiles and i like that idea....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow, that's a lot of tasty goodness you've got going on there! Looks great.
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Totally out of the box and I'm definitely wanting to know how this turned out. Great idea!
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Thanks, everyone.

Here's how it turned out. Credit to BBQ Engineer for the idea.

On the Barbie

Off the Barbie



Overall - VERY GOOD, and they cooked extremely quick on the grill. The chicken and green chili were just meant to be!

Notes to self:
*Been a while since I fired it up, so I went way to hot at first, probalby 400* for about 15 minutes. That melted a lot of the cheese out as you can see. Opened the lid, cooled it off to about 275 for another 20 minutes, then let them stand in the oven while we got everything else ready.
*Figure out a sauce to go over them.
*Do this again very soon!

Thanks for checking out my post.
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Nice lookin grub Tracey!
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Will have to give it try thanks.
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That's one outstanding plate, Tracey! Thanks for the pics.
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Looks Great Tracey, Nice Qview...
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looks good!!!!!!!
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Really is some great looking food you have there Tracy. points.giffor a new idea too.
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That looks amazing! Did the noodles add anything? I bet they tasted great.
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Thats looks awesome! So many great recipes on here and so little time. points.gif
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Thanks, DUDE!

Your welcome! - thanks, Keith.


Thanks for the points, Mballi

Jim - noodles didn't do anything special. Next time I think I will just serve them over a bed of noodles. That with some sort of finishing sauce would ROCK!

Thanks for the points, Meateater!
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Nice finished pics...They really look great
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THat first pic of the final product sliced up is artwork PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Awesome smoke Walle PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif! Definitely deserving of some points.gif
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