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Head for the iowa border, Lineville to be exact


I really like this lump, its two bucks a bag cheaper locally than the Wicked Good Weekend Warrior blend and I can't tell any difference. Since its an iowa product that makes it even more appealing.

They got a review on nakedwizard, wish they still made the lump and chunk together like they did in the old days.
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Save your money and go on a rideabout. Find some good wood nobody wants,fire it up and when it gets to coals,smother it,no air allowed.
It's cheaper and you don't get a bag of dust you can't use anyhow.
Join the move to natural cooking. Cut the middleman OUT!!!!!
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thanks for this link, PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Big fan of R.O. lately.

i've been getting RO lump 17.6 lb. bags @ Restaurant Depot lately for $8.00. Great price, nice bags with large chunks of lump.

long 10-11 hour burns from one ring and a chimney, in weather in the mid 30's.
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I'm jumping on the lump bandwagon - I've found it's hotter and cleaner than briquettes I've tried. While briquettes are a lot easier, it's annoying as the ****ens to have little pieces of lump drop through a grate that's made for briquettes. I've read that galvanized material is to be avoided when smoking but am wondering if a small piece of square wire mesh could be safely used to cover the charcoal grate?
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Im not sure if it would work on your smoker, but on a WSM folks buy a second charcoal great, and set it on top of the other grate so it lines up in a criss cross pattern to keep pieces from falling through.

I really like how there is almost no ash left after smoking when using lump vs briquettes.
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I have been using Chef's Choice for a couple of months and I like the taste of steaks cooked with it.  If anyone is familiar with the Rendevous restaurant in Memphis which is a famous BBQ joint known for their ribs they also use the Chef's Choice brand of charcoal.  Although what I am using is not the lump charcoal I like it.

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unfortunately royal oak bought out most of the independent charcoal kilns in Missouri. I say unfortunately because the one on highway 72 in Reynolds county would let locals come buy & fill their own containers ( bags/barrels/etc. ) for free!! charter oak put an end to that right quick.

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I just burned through the last of my Cowboy lump and how I never noticed it before finding this site is beyond me but the last 3 bags I had all clearly had decking boards in them. In fact it looked like the majority of the coal was scrap lumber. The Royal Oak I started buying instead actually looks like it came from actual wood chunks so I'll be buying that from now on unless I find a better product locally.
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I be bought cowboy coal 2x, and both times there was a lot of lumber. I won't use that anymore. BGE brand is awesome (apparently the premium/large prices from RO) but way too expensive. I've been using royal oak, but my local SAMs club had Vision coal at $9 for 20lb bags, so I grabbed a few. This stuff is awesome. Huge pieces, slow, hot burning. You can tell it is quality hardwood.[IMG]
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