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Midnight Smoke

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Well after reading the 2-2-1 I recalculated to 3-1-1
I used two different store purchased rubs (I am a newbie and wanted to play it a little safer)

I split one rack of ribs (First time Jitters) and smoked using 3-1-1 when done this is the result.

here they area cut away

The Meat pulled away from the bone nicely and the Taste was GREAT I love Ribs. The Sweet Mesquite by kirkland was odly enough the better taste no BBQ Sauce Needed.
For a first time at Baby Back Ribs it was a good one.
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Looks like a tasty dish to me. That grill mates stuff is allright to. I sometimes use the sweet and smokey one. Nice tasting.
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Very nice looking ribs. Go with the taste you like Good to experiment also.
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I like that Grill Mates rub also. I will use that on some ribs and add brown sugar. Comes out good. Would like to try that Kirkland rub. Bet that is good.
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Ribs look great! I'll bet you wish you'd put on a couple more racks.biggrin.gif
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Glad everything turned out well. The smoke looked like it was mighty successful!
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Looks like you had yourself a very successful first time smoke to me!
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Man those are some really meaty baby backs you have there. You did a great job on smoking them too.points.giffor the first set of ribs on here.
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Nice job!!

I might have to give the Kirkland a try one day... I'm only using a very basic rub recipe anyways that I don't plan on tinkering with.

Are those ribs from Costco as well? Very meaty!
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You gotta love Costco - next time there I'll search for their rub. The baby backs they sell come 3 to a pack and are already trimmed and the silver skin is removed. A real time saver. I, two, am a big fan of the McCormicks rubs.
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Congrats on your first baby backs, they looked great!
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The Ribs Look Great... Congratulations...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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Thanks All... I am so glad I found this place the information saved these things. I am going to make a few racks Saturday for friends who just adopted a Boy from Jamaica... Hope they like em like I did...
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I prefer them dry as well...sauce on the side. Although I tried saucin them last night.
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Congrats on the great looking first ribs. I am doing my first tomorrow. I have the Costco rubs but prefer Billy Bones rubs. Will try both tomorrow,
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