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bb53chevpro What kind of grinder is that? Did it come with the large pulley or did you modify it?
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That grinder is just a cheap "Made in China" grinder. The pulley came with the unit. The only mods that I have made was to a couple of plates.

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Thanks for the info.
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I motorized my hand grinder too, when I got tired of cranking. Then I got tired of "trying" to stuff with a grinder so I got an F **** stuffer, that I refurbished. I also added a mixer for big jobs. I typically do 25 to 50 lbs. per session. I am thinking about a smaller stuffer for smaller batches.
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Mulepacking, what motor do you have? I see it's a direct connect with love joy couplers but isn't your motor turning too fast? I do not see a speed reducer there at all and that has been my achilles heel. I simply cannot find a speed reducer that will work.
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Its a Dayton gear reduction motor. 1725 RPM with reduction ratio of 14.4:1. My final speed is about 120. It works very well.
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