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Baby Backs will be Back!

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These were the meatiest ribs I've had, bar none!
I got them from BJ's two days ago. Unwrapped them and let then dry out in the garage overnight. Sprinkled rub from the Rib Shack outside of Pensacola FL on them 2 hrs prior to smoking.
Fired up the UDS and she settled in at 250ish with hickory. also had two chuckies on different thread. Tried to do the 2-2-1 method. But I freaked out with the foil. Added to many layers of it while attempting to seal. Had all three racks in the same foil. Next time I'll get a foil tin or individually wrap them. So, not much pull back on them but had a nice tender feel and were great. Wife looked disappointed that I ONLY did three racks. They were a hit.
Thanks for all the advice.

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I can't wait to cook ribs on my UDS that I am making right now. Good looking ribs!
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Those are some beautiful rib you got there!!! Nice smoke ring! Nice everything!!!

Great job!
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Those look great! I hope my next round tastes as good as those look!
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Looks great, and low price at that.
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Nice smoke ring. Good job.
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SWEET Ribs !!
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Nice Ribs you cooked... I have not had to much luck with Ribs... But, now after reading in here... I am gonna give it a try...
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Great Looking Ribs...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Excellent looking ribs!

Does drying out make a difference? How'd you do that?
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I do that because I hate the slimy blood from the crovac. I towel them off and let' em air dry on a rack over a sheet pan. In fridge or garage if cold enough. The rub will graw out enough moisture to make it stick. I sometimes spritz with juice.
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Nice looking ribs! Thanks for sharing the pics.
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I wash (rinse) my ribs in cold water, and dry them with paper towels before putting on the rub and plastic wrap. Then they go into the fridge overnight.
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Great looking smoke. I'm a huge fan of those baby backs from Sams, or BJs. Never had anyone saying "no meat on these bones" and they've all turned out delicious.
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Nice smoke ring! Very good looking ribs! points.gif
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