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Brisket - Hot & Fast

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Has anyone done brisket with the hot and fast method? Looking for procedures, results, and suggestions.

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I know several members on here have.

Try checking with Alex, he has a great method for high heat brisket.
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I have tried this a couple times with pretty good success.
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Yea there are a few still here that have tried that method I'm just ot one of them.
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I did one last weekend. Injected, and rubbed, smoked till 165, then put it in a aluminum pan, covered with foil, pulled off at 195. Had smoker set at 375. It took around 4 hours. Came out very good. Havent decided if we are going to do them this way for comps yet. Doing a butt the same way tomorrow.
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After 4 hours of smoking them and pulling them at 195. How long to do you let them rest?
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Wrap or double wrap in foil, then wrap in a towel and into a clean cooler for an hour or more if you need to let it rest longer.
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I do it very similiar.My smoker runs at 300 degree more consistent then 325 plus,so thats what temp i use.I like to do the first hour at 225 or less to get lots of smoke penetration and add fuel and crank it up....

When doing hot and fast it is a good idea to open foil for 5 minutes and let some of the heat out and then wrap and cooler etc...The exterior will be much hotter then a 250 degree cook and you dont wanna overcook in foil.

The longer the rest the better at higher temps from my experience,especially with butts....

Briskets tend to vary in toughness,so try it more then once....
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