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Chicken in a q-view to be named later

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Q-view will have to wait it is cold outside and don't want the smoker open any more that it needs to.

But having all 6 of my kids and 4 adults over tonight we decided to have a chicken smoke. 3 birds all about 6.5lbs each. My work in progress rub for chicken. Peach wood smoke at 275 degrees. After 1.5 hrs turned them breast side up and basted with butter and olive oil 50/50 mix. Hope to get that crisp outside.

Did not brine these since one was added last minute. Hope they still come out good. Lots of steam from the water pan at 275 degrees.
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let me know how they turn out..I want to cook a bird tomorrow but I won't have time to will be a my first one
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Consider doing a pulled chicken. Smoke chicken with a pan of chicken broth on the rack below it... take to 140 - 145. Take chicken out and set in juice breast side down and cover tightly with foil. Take to anywhere from 180 to 190 internal and you got a juicy fall off the bone chicken.
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They came out well, but I missed the q-view...sorry was crazy here at serving time.

Was tender and juicy but could have maybe had a bit more flavor inside the meat. I am working on a rub the kids like as well as the adults, I like a bit more heat but kids won't go for that.
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The basic rule here is no qview it did not happen
Glad you liked it
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OK, I'll give ya a pass this time. biggrin.gif
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That is harsh with six kids..maybe I could q-view the bare bones left last night, cleaned up the little bit of leftovers for curry chicken salad at lunch today.

Next time photos for icon_mrgreen.gif
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