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I turned the entire back half (all of the roasts) of my Muley this year into Pastrami, It turned out fantastic!
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Dawn tell him you'll take any and all he will give you trust me we can tell you how to use all of it.

Bearcarver I can appreciate your way of hunting and thoughts on it however if it is legal and he has permits if required I can and do appreciate his way and thoughts on hunting as well.
I work hard to provide a very good deer habitat around my place and I have a lot of deer. I also enjoy deer hunting and I have no season limits on the number of deer I can harvest. I do follow QDM practices and let a lot of deer walk and I also harvest a lot of deer normally. I share venison every year I have friends that can no longer hunt. I have friends that usually hunt and couldn't or didn't harvest anything. I also try to give some to people who need food they can't afford. I also stock my freezer. As long as the deer I harvest every year get used and don't go to waste I feel I've had a good year and I get joy out of sharing and if thats wrong then so be it but as long as the laws are as they are in my state I will continue to do things the way I do.

Dawn sorry for getting off topic in your thread
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I agree 100%. Plus need to leave seed for next year.
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I didn't start this thread looking for anything other than help and suggestions for what to do with some venison.

Could we please keep it to that? Thank you.
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Very sorry about that Dawn, just got my blood up seeing somebody shopping around for someone to take his next kill.
Please forgive me. I started it.

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