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OOOPS!!! Flamed MES

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Had a few problems last night. Cold weather, bad TV, Hot Rods stuffed and in fridge. Buddy shows up and decided I needed to mod my MES. Well a couple of cocktails later here is what I have in my garage.

A few more cocktails.

And yet more!!!!


I was able to see my Time and Temp on the PID in the daylight. The sun was to bright. I thought I could biuld something. This is what I came up with to solve my problem. Enjoy

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that's nice,and original PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

is it paint?
you have to have a quiet hand ,great work
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Yes it is paint sticks from Hobby Lobby. I do not have a good hand. I struggle to draw stick people. But my buddy has a lot of creativity.
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In any case,I like it
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Cool! Original and creative. HA! When I saw the thread title, I thought maybe you accidentally started your MES on fire.
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That was the purpose. Glad you got my sick humor.
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That's just funny..... one night a long time ago I had a few and decided the old fridge I had... one of the old ones with one door and a little freezer inside... needed to look like a piece of swiss cheese. Painted it yellow with the holes and everything. Wish I had taken a pic. Stayed that way in my kitchen for years.
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Sweet. Looks great. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

And speaking of a few cocktails, it kinda reminds me of something I built a few years ago...

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Eric and I have discussed flaming a frig often. Never got around to it. He has even flamed a tricycle for his daughter. Real flames not just paint sticks. Just about everything he does gets flames. Major talent. Sweet frig I read your post a couple of days ago.
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Thats cool..... Nice job..........
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