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my entry Dec. Throwdown!

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rabbit stew with cherry beer

to start with


wrap rabbit in bacon,and sprinkle with rosemary

cherry beer in spray

smoke for 2.5 hours
every half hour spray

2.5 hour later, following ingredients

at the smoker

fry some onion

put a rabbit in

Take cherry beer and pour into the casserole

add the potatoes and carrot

still patiently waiting for 1 hours

the result

next time use a little more beer

Thanks for looking
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That is an amazing looking stew!!! points.gif
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I appreciate this

it was for me also the first time that I prepared it with cherry beer

meanwhile I it has once more prepared

a recommended
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Thanks Geert, Nice tutorial and the stew looked great...
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Man that looks awesome there Geert. But then you always are coming up with some really good food. Now I have to see if I could find a rabbit. JERRY do you have any rabbits at the camp???
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