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1st Brisket Worries

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OK, I'm currently in the process of smoking 5.5 lbs brisket in my MES at 225. I'm guessing its just a flat, but I'm not sure. It was all Sam's had. I put it in at 9am this morning and now just two hours later I'm up to 170 from 47 when it went in. I did just pull it out and wrap it in foil, but I was figuring at least 7-8 hours to smoke it, not 2.5. Or am I just panicking right now?
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I am on my first one as well. Make sure that your probe is not too close to the edges, but in the thick part of the meat. You may readjust it. Hope it turns out ok, if not you can grind it and put it in chile or a cheese dip.
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what temperature is your smoker running at? i'd check to make sure it is in the 230-250 range. if it is higher than 250, you may want to back the heat off. [edit]sorry, i just re-read your post and see that your thermometer says 225; you may want to check it for accuracy.[/edit]

like pork shoulders, briskets can go through one heck of a stall; sometimes, they even drop in temperature while the collagen and connective tissues are melting down.

it would be good to know if it were the flat or the point. on a whole brisket, the point (if it were alone) tends to cook faster than a flat (of equal size) would, because the point has much more fat. but the flat is bigger in size (weight) than the point, so when you put the two together, the times even out and both ends are done at the same time. if you bought a point end, it might explain it, but 2.5 hours is still pretty fast.

what i would do is keep an eye on the temperatures, both in your pit and in the thickest part of your brisket (away from the fat) and then bring the brisket off the heat when internal temperatures pass 185 or so. if you have a different "target temperature" in mind, then go with what you planned on.
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Nearly 3.5 hours and I'm at 182. The temp rise has slowed down, but I still think I'm going too fast.
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How are things going?
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Great. Things slowed down significantly. I was at 188 just before 2pm and thought I'd be at 190+ by now but its only at 189.

One thing that may have happened is that my thermo backed out. I had it in the middle of the thickest part, or at least I thought I did. A couple hours ago, I got to thinking that if I was in the middle and I went deeper, I'd be starting to come out the other side and my temp would go up since I'd be closer to the exterior. When I did that, my temp dropped a few degrees, which told me I wasn't in the middle. When it reads 190, I'm going to try it again.
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190 after 6 hours. Now I wait. I'm not as worried since that's a little over an hour a lb. But I've still got my fingers crossed. It looks like brisket dinner at half time. Go Cats!
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When I do my briskets I only use the instant read my probe is too big to know right where the sweet spot is with my leave in.

Just a thought but good luck and if you have one check a few spots.
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If you have checked your thermometers and have them placed correctly all you can do is trust them. No two pieces of meat will cook the same and while some will stall and take forever to get to the temp we want it seems others just fly to the right temp and leave us doubting ourselves. Its kinda funny most of us worry about the ones that go fast more than the ones that take forever biggrin.gif Looking forward to some Qview
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Unfortunately, no Qview this time. I'd say it turned out ok, not great, but ok. Its like its one half step over the line of being dry. I wouldn't say its too dry and on a bun with a little bit of sauce, you can hardly notice it.

In hindsight, I wished I had put some liquid with it once I pulled it out of the smoker. It took up all its own juice from when I wrapped it in the smoker and I think it would have taken up more if I had added more.

I think its good enough that I'll try it again.
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That is one of the good things about BBQ is that if it is close, it will always be eaten. The joy of trying again is the fun part.
Congrats on tackling brisket.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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if it is a bit dry, then it is certianly over-done. maybe a slightly-lower temperature next time? keep in mind that it keeps cooking for a bit after you take it off.
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