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Been using propane for years and have had no real problems short of running out of gas. icon_redface.gif
I have a pellet cooker now. icon_mrgreen.gif
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My home rig is _going_ to be a gas unit (going to be just because I finished the shell last night, have to get the burner bought and installed).

My favorite though is my uncles smoke "shack". Cinder block 10x15 building with an old boiler in it for a firebox. Last year we went through two hickory trees in a weekend. Granted it was a party of 12 guys with 800 pounds of sausage, sticks, jerky, bacon, and turkey breasts.

Scheduled to head back up there in the next few months - will try to snap some photos
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I would go with gas. I have never had much luck with the electric. Besides, with gas you still have flame. You just need to watch for the wind.
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cause i like itPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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My vote goes for the Traeger smoker/grills!!!! With a Traeger I can turn out fantastic smokes, grill steaks (yes, with a smoked flavor), even cookies or bread.....There ain't nuttin I can think of you can't cook on a Traeger in the temperature range of about 180 - 450 degrees....
I love my pellet pooper!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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What's the problem with the wind?
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If I have to choose between gas and electric, I choose gas. I use a gasser quite a bit for the convenience and temp consistencies. But I still believe the best food comes from charcoal or wood fire. Just my .02.
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still waiting to try my new gas set up!!!!
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Propane first run on sme baby backs....
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electric all the way. with a 5,000 watt burner we dont worry about recovery, dont have to worry about changeing tanks/ running out easier to mantain, and you dont have to worry about fumes
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