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What kind of knives to you use for cooking? - Page 2

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You can't go wrong with cutco's..I have some off of ebay they really hold a edge..I have a hinkels also but I am waiting to make my own this year. (crossing fingers)
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Just like my women

Everyone loves their special kinves. They are like a special woman. If they fit right and are good when you use them, they are right for you. I love my Vitorinix knives. They stay sharp, are light and fit my hand. BUT, I just bought some new ones from Thailand. They are super sharp, ala sushi knives and they were only $23 for four. Go figure!
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A Question for all you knife Lovers

Out of curiosity since I only have cheap knives and am thinking of getting a higher grade set to see for myself:

I have heard buy: Forshners Victorinox line, Henkles, Wustof, and the like. I have heard buy forged not stamped. I have heard wood handles not the composite and visa versa. I understand good steel. I understand full tang. All of the above mentioned knives can be found any of these ways. What is what?
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My go to knife is an 8" Henkel santoku. my other favorite is a 10" Victorinox. I have a steel cleaver I bought in LA China town years ago that I couldn't do without!. There is a host of other knives around here, but I couldn't tell you much about them other than they are dull and not balanced and cheap and if I threw them away no one would care....
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How do you like your ceramic? I have been thinking I need one of those!
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Furi knives in the kitchen and swibo and victorinox in the meat room
post #27 of 29 want to be the best, use the best. Lifetime free sharpening, lifetime guarantee...sets on Ebay, pretty expensive initially, Damn good. You can even shave with them!

Braunfels Bandera
Smoked potatochips forever!

Smoke 'em if you gotum
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I actually use Cutco knives, have the santoku, petite carver, and the trimmer. My pride and joy however is the 12" Wusthof granton edge slicer. Makes slicing a large beef roast so much fun.
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Shuns: 10" Chef, 7" Santuku, 7.5" Nakiri, 9" Slicer, 6" Boning and their pairing knife.

Japanese and German steel are where you want to spend your money (IMHO). The difference is in how they treat and fold the steel. Japanese was my choice, obviously, and when properly sharpened will go right into your board. super-sharp.

Buy a wet stone to sharpen and a steel to hone. If you maintain your knives, like you should, day-to-day I would strongly suggest you pick up a 1000/6000 stone.

Keep 'em as they should be for generations.

If you don't maintain as meticulously then a lower grade wet stone would suffice. It's all about preference.
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