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Today's Party Smoke, or BUST!!!

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OK, here we go on my "Pulled Pork/Smoked Duck in the cold Smoke".

First, PROOF of what it is like outside right now close to 9am...

I got some PREP work to do outside to the tent area and the smoker... PREPed the meat last night, duck in a brine and the BUTTS pre-rubbed.

I'll keep the Qviews coming of course...
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good luck with your smoke. lookin forward to seeing that duck.

Its -2 here, and my WSM has been chugging away with no problem for the past 2.5 hours.
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Added a 2nd Therm, and the smoke stack...

Fired up and working great!!!

the BUTTS are in!!!

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looken good keep warm & us updated.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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So far so good!!!

up to 11* no wind and sun out... doing OK!!!!

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Looking good. Looks like your prepared for any kind of weather.
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Now that's the way to keep from losing your fingers and toes to the cold while smoking!
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Got the duck stuffed with apple and onion and all tied up...

In the smoker with the BUTTS!!!!

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Love the shelter set up...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Man oh Man you are serious about this smoke for sure. I cann't wait to se the ending product I bet it will be really good.
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Gotta give you props for staying out there in that weather to get this done - great job cant wait to see the end product
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TOTALLY dropped the ball on this one...
I didn't get any pics of the DUCK which turned out AWESOME!!! Had a PHD Concert Pianist from Taiwan at my party and she said it was the BEST Duck she has ever had here in the USA!!!!

The BUTTS were excellent as usual!!! Used my new 'Bear Paws' to do the pulling, those things kick a$$.

The party was a big hit, the pork and Duck were too...

for the record:

I used PITROW's brine:

Before smoking I stuck the skin in several places to make holes for the FAT to drain out...Smoked for about 4.5 hrs till 165* internal and it turned out great.

The BUTTS, by the book!!!! Used RIVET'S Finishing Sauce

I BEG for forgiveness for not getting Qviews of the Duck... I must have been intoxicated to forget that!!!
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