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Cured Smoked Hams a pictorial Guide!

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Well they have been down in the pickle the correct amount of days, today we crack it back open and see if we made money or dumpster offerings!

Here they are open and looking good!

So up out of the pickle they come and into the bus tubs for the short ride to the smoker.

Three or four to a pickle bucket depending on my work load. In this case two tubs of three. Racked up and ready to roll to the smoker!

Looking close in the upper right corner of the rack stack, you can just see Big Dog Chefs pink tutu in the crate ready for the laundry. (And you guys thought he was kidding about his uniform!)

Everything is out of the pickle

Setting up the fire box with hickory to make the smoke

Loading them on the racks and getting set to program the temp profile

Starting the smoke

When they reach the hold temp and have their bone come up to the prescribed temperature they should carve off and show this type of beautiful color and marble.

All in all I am happy with this years products. I think dropping the dextrose and going to a honey brown sugar cure with the clove in the background is working well. I would say it must be as they cleaned up two hams on Saturday night at the first catering using our home cured Country Christmas Ham!

Did up the dishes and cleared out of there. Have to go back tonight about nine and get them out of the smoker and look at the finals.
You might ask why with commercial hams would we go through the brain damage of curing and presenting our own hams. Well several reasons, in catering its about who can not only do the meal, but do the meal and put the most money in the bank. (As in left over money not the turn over!) And this allows several marketing advantages, we sell this as heirloom country ham, so our competitors are forced to find a place to buy such a beast. And they are expensive. Two we carve this live on the spike and it presents really really nice. And last it is unique, no one in our area will copy it, and no one in our area could make the taste.
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OK now ya got me watching the thread what next.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Very fine looking product you're turning out there. If you are crazy for making them yourself, you are crazy like a fox.
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VERY NICE, bbally,

Don't know how I've missed your posts - but from one Western Coloradoan to another - Hello!
By the looks of your fire chamber, you got one hell of a smoker.
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Since these are commercial products I am using the SouthernPride cookers. We have an 1100 and a 750 both trailer mounted.

At home I use a stick burner I designed and built, a couple of weber kettles and a charbroil offset.

Also have a gas grill for burgers and brats and such.
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