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Dudestrami with first try at the /Dude's specialty

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Well, gave those briskets a good soaking, then a rub, vac-u-seal and an overnight rest.

Basically the Dude's rub...with a couple minor changes

Fired the gosm up was about 20 degrees out...loaded her with apple wood and away we go.

Maintained between about 215-230 for the next 4 hours

Then...Disaster! emergency required me to leave. Had no choice but to remove the strami, foil it...splash some apple juice and bourbon on it, then foiled and in the oven to finish.

By the time I got back, temp was way over what I wanted....I pulled it out and into the fridge. Going to start slicing it in morning, and will be back to post the results, however horrible they may be. Only wanted to go to 185...wound up way too high.mad.gif

Will post final product in a couple of hours.
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Its best if you send that to me. I'd hate to see you eat "terrible" 'strami.
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Actually, it was not nearly as bad as I feared. The smaller brisket(on slicer in pic) came out just a tad on the dry side, but tasty.

The larger of the two briskets came out perfectly...overall I'm quite pleased, and will definitely made some more when I will not be interupted.

My thanks to the Dude for the inspiration.
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Looks really good! Glad to hear that a disaster was diverted.
How do you like have the meat slicer? Seems like a great little tool to have for us carnivors.
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I've had that Waring Pro for about ten years. One of the best investments I ever long as you don't try to overload problems. I can slice 15-20 pounds of meat no sweat. I think you can still pick up a comperable model for around 69 bucks.
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Great looking Pastrami there....I wish I had some right now. biggrin.gif
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Looks Great Hoser...
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Great looking Pastrami! No harm going that high. Like you said, might be a tad dry, but surely the taste is wonderful.

What did you do for the rub?

Hopefully the emergency was nothing serious.

points.giffor, well, it's PASTRAMI!!!!!
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Nice job on the pastrami! Looks great!
Need to pick up another packer, I'm all out of pastrami and if I want some now I don't know how I'll ever wait my full 10 days of curing!
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Very nice job on the pastrami and it will make some of the best sammies out there too. I have been told that we will alway have some if the freezer for now on and thats is from the boss. Now it pastrami and abt's so I always will be smoking something. COOL
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Hoser nice job on the Dudestrami- glad it all worked out and hope the emergency was not to serious
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The emergency was actually resolved easier than anything else, so...I guess I am truly grateful. Thanks for checking out my Qview folks.
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Looks great does the JD!

I gotta ask....why does this thread have one star? Does that really mean someONE clicked on "Terrible"??? I dont get why if so??
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