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UDS BBRs... First run, need mentoring...

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Hey guys,

I went to "the city" (aka Reno) with the spouse unit and stopped at COSTCO. They had a bunch of BBRs and she stated, "can you cook these on the drum for Playoff Weekend?" What is a guy to say... No... I want Brats and Hot Wings?

Anyway, I think I can pull this off. I have been cooking on my UDS for a few months and can run at 200-250 all day long. I have Bricks, Lump, Hickory and Pecan. I got mustard, rub and plastic wrap. I have trimmed and smoked spare ribs and BBRs on my CharGriller off-set smoker... I do not have experience cooking BBRs on my UDS.

Four racks of BBRs...

St. Louis style spare ribs...

Smoke ring...

I could use a few hints on cooking BBRs on a UDS... please.

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Looks like u are doing fine to me!!!!!!!!!! Yum. Did u try the foiling technique? 2-2-1 Method??
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yeah if you can run at 200-250 try the 2-2-1. fall off the bone tender
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I have had my eye's and ears opened for a 50-55 gal food grade drum to make a UDS and no response what so ever. I have everything to make it but the Drum itself, So close but far away
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Meat doesn't know

Meat doesn't care whether is is cooked in an UDS, offset or in an imu. It only cares about time and temp. Just use a 2-2-1 method and enjoy.The only thing I add is that when I foil my ribs, I place apple slices on top of the ribs.
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Don't be afraid to smoke them at 240° to 260° if your drum wants to creep. Things tend to cook a little faster on a UDS. 2-2-1 will give you fall off the bone and maybe fall apart completely. If you like them with a little "tug" so at least they will hold together for slicing, I'd suggest 2-1.5-1.

These were done at about 2-1.5-1 at around 250ish.

Have fun.

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You need a water pan! In a UDS that's the ticket if your smoking.
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Those ribs sure do look good, and all the suggestions given so far are spot on. In my drum I use a cover to a 30 gal. drum as a diffuser. Sits right on top of the charcoal basket. Many different sized holes are drilled in it so there is still some direct heat, just less direct burnt grease resulting in a more subtle flavor. It's good for me and mine.
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From the BDS website...

Babyback Ribs:

3 to 4 hours. Start bone side down. Keep the BDS temperature lower,
around 225. Turn every 30 to 45 minutes unless using rib rack. Fit 4
slabs laid flat or 8 slabs in a rib rack. Turn one time after 2 hours when
using a rib rack. Hickory, apple, cherry and peach wood are all good.
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I've never found a need for a water pan in my UDS.. In fact, I'm amazed at how incredibly moist a cooking environment the drum is.

No need to turn or flip anything unless your fire is out of control

PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif I have used a deflector plate before. Not a bad option if the flavor of the vaporized fat gets to be a little much.

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Yepper you can smoke them in the UDS and they turned out really good too and a nice smoke ring to boot.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I washed them, dried them, rubbed them and wrapped them yesterday morning. I am going to cook two racks with 2-1.5-1 and one without foil, by turning every 40 minutes at 200-225*F.

Many thanks to all for the input. I will post the Q-View as the day goes on.

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The ribs are on the smoker!
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Just a suggestion but if you are able to keep your temp that low, there's definitely no need to turn the ribs. And opening your drum every 40 minutes and introducing an extra shot of fresh air each time is likely to make your temps want to creep up.

Just my two cents. biggrin.gif

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Where is "Far Nothern California"? Good point on the turning, I am spraying the BBRs with apple juice at each turn.

1.5 hours into the cook...

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Corning. biggrin.gif

Where is Northeast California . . . in case you need help eating those ribs? PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I am in Janesville, CA.
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Looks like about 3.5 hours away. But I imagine there's some snow between here and there.

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It takes me about 3 hours to get to the brewery in Chico.
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I just took the foil off. They are looking good. The UDS is still running at 225*F. Life is good!
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