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Stonebriar's Stick Cage and Poker

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Stonebriar wanted a cage for his Bandera's firebox. Here's what I made out of some scraps under my welding bench. The box is constructed of 1/8" smooth expanded metal and 3/4" angle iron. Dimensions of the cage is 15" x 11" x 8" high. The poker is a couple pieces of 3/8" rebar and a 1" dowel drilled out for a handle.

Just the cage:

The bottom side lets air get under the fire if it's used on a flat surface.

Business end of the poker:

Operator's end of the poker:

He PROMISED me some smoked cheese if I would build them--he's an alleged smoker.icon_wink.gif
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Wow DG! What a gift! Just what we needed! Very professional. Your smoked cheese is on the way. Thank you...

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Great looking build. And looks very well constructed. Nice job!
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Looks pretty good to me...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks for the positive comments, I appreciate them.
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Nice looking, well thought out project. Great work!
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Nice workmanship Dirt Guy!!
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Well constructed, that thing is not going to blow away in the wind.

Nice build.
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nice job, that one should last a long time.
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I like it, very nice job.
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Stonebriar said it was a perfect fit!

Sorry for the small image, he sent it to me from his phone.
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Very nice work - looks great
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Good job Dirt Guy....I like the angle iron under to get air flow....nice build heck I was a shop teacher and you got a A on that build,,,plus points.gif
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