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St Louis Style Ribs w/ Q-View

Poll Results: Do you trim your ribs or not?

Poll expired: Jan 13, 2010  
  • 59% (47)
  • 25% (20)
  • 15% (12)
    Always-so the chef can snack
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Here are some ribs that I did a while back- Sorry for the delayed Q-View. Now that I know how to post photos- Look Out!

Thanks for looking-

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looks good!!!!!!!!
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Dang!! its almost like i can smell and taste them!!!! I'll never be able to lose weigh looking at all these great looking ribs...
nice crust and nice smoke ring.. How long it take you and what you use for fuel?
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I will secong that one, they look great, I swear I have gained 10-15 ilbs since joining lol.
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Beautiful Ribs..................Nice Job!
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Now those are some really nice looking ribs there. I like the rub and I also see that you didn't trim them much maybe just the flap. Thats the way I like mine but i even leave the flap it's just a personal thing I guess.
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We have here in Belgium only 1 cut ribs
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Those were on hardwood lump with pecan and a touch of hickory for apporx 6 hours

Thanks for enjoying!
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice. I am wondering if that is a Brinkman smoker? I am thinking about getting one to try.
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Great ribs and nice pull back on them bones!!
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Looking good! Ribs are hard to beat when done well.
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Great smoke! I also like the St. Louis cut. They seem to have more meat that baby backs yet are more tender than Spare Ribs.
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oh yeah always trim porkicon_wink.gif
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nice looking crust on those ribs!
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Those are some sweet looking ribs. Makes me hungry!
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Man great job those looked great. I alway trim mine down to the St Louis Style and save the trimming for beans.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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jcurrier, your ribs look GREAT, makes me want some.

The title of your thread says St Louis Style ribs, but I noticed that there is still some flap on thus not a normal St Louis trim cut, here are some example pics. Never the less you ribs look awesome.

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