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Thai Hot Sauce

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I cannot find Thai hot sauce (Sriracha) anywhere around here. Even ChinaMart.
Any suggestions gang?
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I can find the California made Huy Fong (rooster) sriracha @ SUper Walmart in my area.

The ones I prefer are made in Thailand, and I can find them in Chicago's Chinatowns. My favorite brand of sriracha is Shark brand, made in Thailand.
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Mostly what this Wally Mart has is Mexican but I will check again. Unless I go to a specialty food place. Or I could do what I do when I'm buying for Mexican foods and follow a Mexican around and see what he/she is buying. I can find a Chinaperson and follow them around and see what they buy in Chinese food and hope they lead me to it.
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We can get the rooster brand that Jim said above^^ at the grocery store, but I've never seen an imported Thai one around here. You might want to PM FIRE IT UP, he's the man with the hot stuff connections...
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When in doubt, order online...

You can always order online: http://importfood.com/sriracha_sauce.html
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I'm guessing if you live in an area that Chinese are called "Chinaperson," then it would be difficult to find Sriracha. haha PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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What led to that was I thinkin Chinaman then I thot Chinawomen (didn't want to insult the opposite sex here) then chinaperson popped up. LOL I didn't catch myself on that one.
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Not to mention the fact that the stuff ain't even Chinese. It's Vietnamese. biggrin.gif
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technically the original versions are Thai. named after the city of Si Racha in Thailand. Huy Fong(rooster) Sriracha(made in California) is a vietnamese owned company.

either way its good stuff.
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maybe so

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I think I can get some of the Shark brand at my local grocery store - let me know if you want to do an exchange and I will check on it for you
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sriracha is kind of like ketchup, alot of different brands.
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hahaha that's pretty funny.
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I usually get mine from World Market if you have any nearby Ray.
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DUDE, you are so on target not just for this thread, but for so much here I don't think you even realize PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

GREAT Lebowski lines, you made me want to rent the movie all over again!
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Is this what your looking for?
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Yup, that's the stuff.
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heres the Shark brand from Thailand, really good.

Take a gander @ the ingredients, no chemicals I cant pronounce that the Huy Fong one has.

Less is better imho, and I try to avoid as many chemicals, High fructose corn syrup, salt, and other things food processors sneak into our food, sauces, and inject into the meat some folks buy.

good luck with your search.
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walmart should have it by the oriental section not by the regular hot sauces
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