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Buck Board Bacon, We love it!

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Had to do this again. I got two butts from Restaurant Depot for $1.19 a pound. 16 pounds worth.
Did the High Mountain Cure as per the directions. In fridge for 14 days. Smoked them on the 31 Dec. Let'em rest and sliced the next day. Handed a couple of packs out as Christmas presents (late). Soaked for only one hour, I think the salt was perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. Smoked with apple and hickory. Pulled off @ 140 internal.
Thank to all of you for your help and encouragment. Now I'm looking for bellies!

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Looks Great...
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Dang, that looks great.

points.giffor great looking BBB and for really nice qview!
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Havent been to the rest.depot up dere in awhile...Looks awesome my friend..........points.gif
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Oh My God that looks like some really good Buckboard bacon and it is soooooooo goood toooo. Great job with it and enjoy it for now.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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It's hard to eat store bought bacon after making your own...Nice jobpoints.gif
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job well done bbb is the way to go.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice Trussing

Was just telling the wife last night that it was time to do some more BBB. Think I'll try tying them up like yours next time.

Great looking bacon!

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Outstanding BBB !---------->> Points to you.points.gif

Get your fridge filled with all kinds of bacon. I told my wife----"NO MORE STORE BOUGHT BACON!"------"I DON"T CARE IF IT IS TWO FOR ONE ".

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Hi Mountain questions

RW looks great. I'm going to do some Hi Mountain Buckboard Cure on butt this weekend.

A couple of questions.

The instructions with my box of cure says to cut the butt into 3 1/2 in wide pieces. You appeared to do yours whole. Is there any difference?

They also say to refrigerate for 10 days, turning at 5. You did 14. Was that because you used larger pieces?

I also don't understand why they are smoking the way they do. They recommend putting the bacon in the smoker at 150 for 45 min before adding smoke. Then take to 200 with smoke till internal temperature is 140. Any idea why they do it this way?
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Thanks to all for looking.
J3198, I think after it is deboned there really aren't any sections larger then 3 1/2 ". Not sure if there would be a difference or not. I've only done this twice, the same way each time. Seems to work. Cured all the way through.
It says at least ten days. I waited longer to get the time to cook it, no other reason.
I don't get that "no smoke" thing either. I had smoke running in the GOSM from the start. I did smoke using their temps recomendations.
Bacon was smokey slightly salty and now its almost gone.
Good luck with everyones bacon.
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The low starting temp (which really isn't that low) it to dry the exterior surface so that the smoke will take to the meat better.
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Thanks, everybody. Can't wait to get this started.
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Hmmm, couple of good questions:
The first one is referring to thickness---not width. Thicker than 3 1/2" would be hard to cure without injecting.

As for the length of time curing----I would calculate by thickness for how many days. That calculating is many places on this forum, but if you can't find it, let us know. Also flip & massage every day--NOT ONCE like their directions say.

Finally, that 150* without smoke for 45 minutes is to dry the exterior of the meat so it will take smoke better. I don't do that either, because I air dry it in the fridge overnight unwrapped, before I smoke it. Then I put the smoke on right away. It's so easy to get it smoking on the way up to temp----I'd hate to waste that hot element!

Hope this helps,
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I've always done mine whole. You can get bigger slices that way. In fact I don't even recall reading that you were supposed to cut them into pieces. Guess that shows how good I am at following directions. biggrin.gifIt comes out great every time though!

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Good information, thanks folks.
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Looks great to me!!!!!!!!
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