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Anybody else besides bbally competing? Coyote where in AZ you from?
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I am from NM, las cruces. drove by on my way to the shot show in las vegas.
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Well they opened it up again... now we have 70 teams signed up and they are going to take entries to 120 teams.

Teams Page

This is going to be one dammnnnn good time!
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Were they not taking any more after 70?
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Leaving at 6 AM tomorrow for the Havabbq.... talk at you all when I get back.
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Good luck Bob hope ya'll have fun and do well
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Good luck.

Kick some azz. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Going well. But I have to post from the blackberry. No server access
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Save me a spot, I can't get there till morning PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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Congratulations to bbally for placing first in peoples choice!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

It was great to meet you my new friend
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bbally - congrats - wish I was there!
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Congrats Bob I look forward to the details PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Congrats on the Peoples Choice

Looking forward to the full report........good and bad.
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Finally returned home last night.

We got third in people's choice with 400 people voting for us.

Salmon did good with nice scores. Chicken did good with decent scores.

Everything else we got our assses kicked on.

It was a great event. Many teams, good people and lots of fun.

I just don't think they are ready for my asian fusion barbeque recipes. But I thought they came out good.

Think we ended up 61st out of 77 teams on our scores, so not impressive from a scores stand point.

Reatorterry stopped by, Kyote stopped by as well.

And my two teammates made it through their first barbeque contest. So it was a good weekend.
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Congrats.......having fun is a good thing. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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One of the best events I have ever been too.

Thanks for the notes on your worst results for asian fusion. I knew it was a long shot, but I had to do what I wanted to do.

I figured they keyed on classic barbeque, but I just had to try it.
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Great job on the peoples choice - Love to hear about the asian fusion
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Yeah, too little too late. LOL
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Sorry for the wrong posting? I thought you took first in peoples choice? You shold have anyway? Again thanks for the rub (using it in 48 hours) It was mine & my wifes first event. I think she had more fun than me? all I keep hearing from her is I wanna get invloved too? I even told her I'll have to practice alot & probably get a bigger smoker, but no complaints?? She's even looking up Cal. events for us> I think we're going to try the Wildomar one. It's close to my uncle's that you also meet. Hope to see you again soon.
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Bob, congrats on your placing. It sounds as of you had a great time.
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