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havabarbque in Arizona

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Anybody going to the new Lake Havasu Bar-B-Que contest?
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any more info on it? dates times ect?

thank you.
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thier website is www.havabbq.com.

All thier info is there.
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If it's around spring break I may be able to make it. I understand the scenery is a lot nicer at Havasu during spring break!PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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You are right, but unfortuantely its in Feb.
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Dang, my in-laws live in Lake Havasu. May have to plan a trip out west in a month or so...
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I might drag the rig down. Are you going to be there?
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never been to a KCBS event.. this is something I would love to do some time. Is there vending? and what i mean by that is can a guy go to watch and pig out?
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I have mailed my entry, we will be attending. Hope to see others.
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Justin, I'm assuming at this point, you have most of the Havasu questions answered?

bbally--That's great to hear. I wish I could make it out there to CBJ it. It sounds like it's going to be a good one! Don't forget about the ones in the Phoenix area in the fall!
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Looks like fun
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check the teams page, The Cowboy and The Rose, CO is us, the application was completed!
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Oh, this would be fun to go to. I would love to get the heck out of this frozen wasteland and head down there for a couple of days then head up to Vegas for a couple of days. Unfortunately not gonna happen this year.

I did see Notley Que on the list. That's the guy that broke off from Slap Yo Momma on the last Pitmasters episode.
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I have in laws that live in Lake Havasu City. I wonder how many sick days I can get. My wife may have to write a doctor's note for me. Man that would be fun!
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Get a lot, there are now 57 Teams paid in full at the HavaBBQ!

Should be a good time!
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Smokin Triggers will be there...that would be fun to see
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Slap Yo Daddy, that is...Harry Soo is a fantastic cook. His pot luck entries are amazing! And recently, he held a Barbecue 101 class, and after the class, one of his students revealed himself to be Dave Anderson--Famous Dave his own self.
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Was Dave runnin recon? or was he honestly lookin to learn?
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Well I got my room reservations. I have a relative that will be juding. I'm not really good enough for a competion, but good enough to go & have fun & unbelievable que!! Anybody else??
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Sounds great drove by last week and it is a nice looking area.
will be attending the judging class on the 25th, and hopefully enter the salsa comp.
Then try and find Bbally to see how the bbq comp is done.
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