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Couple of dinners utilising smoked chuckies

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OK so couple of weeks ago I smoked my first two chuckies... couldn't let Dude have all the fun! biggrin.gif We ate some right away, but here is what I did with the rest of the meat:

Dinner #1: (the more original one)

1. Started by sauteing shallots, shrooms, garlic, thyme, rosmary, sage, and some white wine.

2. Then added about 1 lb. of smoked chuckie.... love the smoke penetration on these.... mmmmm.

3. Thawed some puff pastry dough put half of the chuckie mix in each and topped with provolone cheese.

4. Rolled them up and brushed with egg wash.

5. Baked at 350 for about 20 minutes, till golden brown.

6. Let cool for about 10 minutes while I tossed a salad together and served it up. Wife and I ate one for dinner and the other for lunch the next day... heh-heh.

Dinner #2: (pretty basic)

1. Made up my sauce of 1 part Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, 1/2 part apple juice, 1/2 part cider vinegar, and brown sugar to taste. Then dumped in about 1 lb. of chuckie and let it simmer for a bit. Served on some soft potato rolls with a little bit of slaw... basic and good. icon_cool.gif
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Forgot I added some grated cheese to the sammy's.
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wow got he hungrey now thanks for the qview PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice meals, both! I also see in the background and bottle of Two Buck Chuck and a bowl of peppermints for dessert!biggrin.gif
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Very nice looking meals there! Great job with the sauteeing and the chuckie. '
Impressive and definitely well earned points!

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Man does that ever sound and look yummmo. That is a nice combonation for sure. It's like a mixture between a chuckie burrito and cheese steak got together and Had a son. Yummy points.giffor just thinking of it and thanks that going on my short list. Really
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Great looking meal, and points for creativity my Portland friend.
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What do you call that first dish? points.gif
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Ummm... dinner? I honestly don't have or know of a name for it. I have made it with sausage before and usually just tell my wife I am making a puff pastry roll.biggrin.gif
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points.giffor the creativity! The first dish looks absolutely delicious. I love posts like this!
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Will have to try the puff pastry chuckie. That looks awesome. I do the same w/ the baby rays. Nice work!
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I ask because I'm gonna have to tell my wife something when she asks what I'm makin biggrin.gif
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Great job with the creativity and the qview - points for this one
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Man those look good ,certainly earned points points.gif
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Good creativity and nice job with the Qview
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Man, I missed this one when it was new. Both those look great but I really like that first one that was rolled up.

points.giffor something new!
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I'll second that. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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