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Backwoods Smoker Clone

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I started my Backwoods Smoker clone last week. I have a UDS and decided it was time for a new project. The smoker was sized after the Competitor,

Cooking chamber 20X20X29 [in], with 8 cooking racks spaced 3 [in].

The build has gone good so far and has been a lesson in welding. Prior welded experiance was melting rods when I was a kid in my dad’s shop.

I have the cook box welded in and finished making the water pan water tight today and have the smoke stack tacked in place. I do not have all the pictures down loaded and will post some more when I have time.

Below is the frame and my helper:

PS: How do you post larger pictures?
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More pics

Back of cooking chamber tacked in (14 guage) hot rolled steel. This is not the best material but could not pass this up because it was only $0.40 per pound.

Water pan was aligned. I also used the sides to align the waer pan but do not have picturs of using the sides of the cooking chamber to square up the water pan.
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The sides are welded in and water pan is in place and only small drip on the drain pipe that I still need to fix.

The smoke stack is tacked in place and was inspected by my helper:

Prior to installing the outer sheeting, I need to finish welding in the smoke stack, install some supports for the fire box and heat deflector as well as brace the bottom of the water pan so it does not pop and throw water all over the place when it is heated up. I will also add some supports to tack the outer surface to the cooking chamber walls so they do not pop and move all over the place when it is heated as well.
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great looking job so far!
Nice work, but I bet all the credit goes to your "little inspector".
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thats some good help ya got there and a good looken projectPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
keep us updated on the progress.
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Welcome to the SMF. Follow this link to a tutorial.
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so i guess i'm confused on how this works. i thought the heat and smoke came straight up from the coals. but it really looks like it goes up the back in a different chamber then into the cook chamber. am i right? and why is that?
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It seems to be being designed as a reverse flow vertical similar to the BWS ones.
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Looks great!

I can hardly wait to see it work.

I have not seen something like that up close.

A revers flow vertical? Time to do some googleing.......

And its great to see you have a helper, boy I miss those days.
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Lookin good. You will love it. Ive had mine for 2 years, and its still goin strong.

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Now it sure does look like you are well on your way with one fine looking smoker. I cann't wait to see the finished product real soon.
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Did you ever finish it up and continue this thread?

Last post I see is this one over a year and a half ago.


Don T.

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More Pictures !!!!!

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How's the build coming along?

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Don't tease us!  Show us how you are coming, or the finished product.  I bet it is spectacular.

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I sure would like to see some more picture, We are starting on one this weekend

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What type and where are you getting your insulation. We live in Tyler, Texas  hoping to find it local.

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I want to build a Backwoods VRF combined with the stumps GF

It would be the best of both worlds


Hope your build is coming along great

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Sorry guys but this is a dead thread. Always click on the thread starters profile .His last post 1/7/10sorry.gif. Here is another dead thread with more info

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Gary are u buildin a Stumps clone ? i live in Athens and am intetrested but a noob 

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