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Newbie Chicken Leg Question

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I have never done chicken legs(or much of anything for that matter) The end product I want to make are a mess of legs that have a carmel like messy flavorful finish. My son is having some friends over so I will do a bunch on a Traeger. I am looking for any good recipes to try if you have any suggestions. Any suggestions for cooking temps and estimated times would be great. With the Traeger thermostat dialing up a temp is pretty easy. Did a couple of beer butts at 300 that turned out great. I have half apple half hickory in the hopper and will use that.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Crispy skin....more than 300ยบ smoking temp.
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Yup, need to get those temps up to crisp the skin, 225-250 will give you cooked chicken but rubbery skin.
Can't help you on the recipe since I do mine partially in the smoker.
Love to smoke them, throw them into a hot sauce and sit overnight then next day take out of the sauce and drop into the fryer, smoky, spicy and crispy.

But yes, in the smoker go for 300. If you want a caramelized type of finish try a rub and/or sauce that contains a decent amount of brown sugar.
Maybe a good K.C rub then baste towards the end with a K.C sauce
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Check out this recipie from chisoxjim. Looks like a great way to start off. I know his our wings, but don't see a reason why it wouldn't work with a mess of legs
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Thanks for the quick replies.

Dude, I like the recipe you linked. Seems like it would be tasty so I will give it a try..

I have a question about sauce though.

If I hit 325-350 how long would I cook the legs and at what point would I mop with sauce to get the carmel mess the boys like? Should I dunk them in sauce from the beginning or wait till the end?
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Flash has it going on, high temp is the norm whenever I smoke birds/bird parts. And that includes brining.
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