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first fatty, for newyears

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I made my first fatty kind of on a last minute decision for new years. it was basic italian sausage, with one side being cheddar and banana peppers for the wimps, and the other side being jalepenos and pepperjack cheese. I wrapped it up with turkey bacon to try to save on calories. I dont know, but to me the first time i read about sausage rolled up and wrapped with bacon, I just thought greasy heart attack. But i guess its not as bad as having a slice of breakfast sausage with your eggs.

all the ingredients

resting in the fridge.

I smoked with pistachio nuts and hickory at 225 until the internal temp read 160

Here's the sliced up version.

The turkey bacon got way too crunchy. I think because of it being 95% fat free it was too dry, and it was too salty. I think next time I'll go with real bacon, I did notice that Costco sells low sodium bacon, which is probably worth a try. My wife and most of my family liked it. We sliced it up and put some on a biscuit.
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Looks great Brian.
That's the problem with turkey bacon, it can so easily dry out.
You know technically you don't even need to wrap the fatties in bacon, I usually don't and as long as they get wrapped tight and smooth enough no worries about blowouts.
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Hey Brian
Funny - everyone who uses Turkey bacon is not satisfied with it. I was thinking of trying it myself but will save it for the microwave - LOL
Good looking fattie you put together
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Nice looking weave and fattie for the first time. If you want to go with the real bacon, just find the cheap thin stuff. You will render most of the fat off during the smoke.
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Looks great especially for a first one! I like the 2 kinds of peppers too.

Turkey bacon- yep, doesn't work for stuff like this. Either none, or the thin cheap kind works best I've tried.
But, I had some bacon my mom cooked went I went up there for Christmas and it was low fat low salt no cure in a green package. Might even have been organic. That was some real nice tasting bacon. I'm afraid to see what the price is going to be though!

points.giffor such a good job on this one! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job! Thanks for the input on the turkey bacon.
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