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fatty O YEAH

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It has been a week since I smoked my fatty haven't been able to log on, Talk about a great breakfast I smoked it with maple and the fatty included green peppers, mushrooms,cheese, onions, and taters, with gravey on the top. Well the cheese all melted out but other than that it's all good,By the way maple is to lite of a wood I couldn't tast the smoke, With a bacon wrap, My question is this, It wanted to fall apart during rolling is this normal? I guess thats what the bacon is for , to hold it together by the time I had it to the smoker it was a train wreck.
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After rolling mine I put them in the freezer to stiffen up before I do the bacon weave then again after the weave
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Here's a real good tutorial on fatties rolling! It helped me a bunch.
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