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RV he says makes my tent feel awfully insecure :)

We leave in 1 week from this morning,,, been waiting for this most of the winter, now this close I am trying to slow it down a bit... Too much to do to little time to do it in...
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How many BAMA shirts should I bring? I would hate for any one to be left out!!icon_wink.gif It's been a long time since 1992 and the Hurricanes beat down.
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Dawn I understand and hope you can make the next one.
Mike I hope you manage to make it your on a roll with them since you started coming and this one should be a good one for sure.
Bamafan them shirts are just plain ugly but I'm sure there will be some good looking blue and orange around biggrin.gif

I hope to see all the friends I've met before and some new ones too. If ya'll can make it come on over
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Between you and I, Tim, we should have enough bama shirts to get them through 2 days of the gig. icon_mrgreen.gif

The only good looking blue and orange that's around your place, Jerry, are the beautiful colors in the sky. icon_cool.gificon_smile.gif
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ouch icon_mrgreen.gif
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Lol @ Mike. LSU will also be well represented with at least 2 of the people planning on attending (Al and Rick). Not too shabby that we are the dominant conference in college football (but that's a whole other discussion for an entirely different thread). icon_cool.gif

Roll Tide! (13 and countin')
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Geez, u countin all those ones when u were the only school any1 was allowed to go to??and had 400 scholarships and recruited every1 just so they couldnt go to another school? lol.. If i didn't tell ya in Jan, congrats and enjoy.. Cuz we aint goin nowhere soon..
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Do I need to bring my big shrimp boil pot for anything?
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BTW Bama at Baton Rouge that weekend
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I will have two turkey fryers there but if you want to bring it then bring it. One of my fryers is a pain it has that new safety crap and timer on it.
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MMM Shrimp he said,,,, I do love sea food...

Bagged some goat today for the festivites..
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Counting down the days!

Laurel, I'll send you a PM with something for the shopping list.
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Sounds good, Brian.

Jeff, I also got your PM with the grocery list add-on's. No problems.

For all others, if there's something you need the group to pick up on the grocery list, please send me a PM no later than this Friday.
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Don't worry there Mike I'll be there with something GATOR on, in, and around me. Now you can bring all the Bama shirts you want to BAMA fan we will need so extra shop towels during the smoking.
Yepper and the sun is Orange and the sky is Blue
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Well things are shaping up nicely for the Gathering looks like we'll have two big smokers my Lang 84 and Bamafan's brand new Bubba Grills smoker along with my GOSM. As for food we should have a couple bushels of oysters, butts, briskets, goat, lamb, chicken, Dutch's beans, abt's, fatties, smoked eggs, and some taters. For breakfast its gonna be eggs, some of the bacon we made, and taters one morning the other morning will be biscuits and sausage gravy. Some where in there will be Sandy's great homemade cinnamon buns as well. Looks like we are going to have a good turn out but may need more people to eat all the food biggrin.gif
We still have tent spots as well as RV spots so ya'll make plans to attend if you can we'd like to meet you.
For those of you that are coming please send me a PM and let me know your still coming and how many people your bringing so we can get an idea of how many are coming of course we'll have extra for any last minute people that decide they can make it
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grocery list deadline

Final notice to get any last minute grocery items, or special requests, PMd to me by end of day Friday, 4/9. Jeff/Brian, your grocery items have been added to the list.

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Any keg will do!points.gif
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Sounds like theres gonna be a crawfish boil Friday evening!!!!!!!!
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Man I was hoping to hear that... Just got back from Bass pro and walmart. As of now I have everything I need for the trip except organization.....

Sounds like it is going to be a great event..
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Damn I hope I can make it there by then. What time?????
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