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Piney I would love to haul the new rig over and met you fine folks but it is my aniversery that weekend.After 27 years you would think the women would have some understanding!! Hopfully I'm free for the next one. That's only a couple of hours from me!
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Well you don't have to drag the smoker over I was only joking but hey bring the wife and spend the anniversary with a crowd after all its been 27 years biggrin.gif Oh and my wife and I will be celebrating our 28th this year
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Piney, I just found out my daughters are in a dance competetion in Panama City that weekend and my better half will be there with them so I might be able to make it after all. I assume cold beverages are allowed? Will have to see if I can get a day off work that Friday. Is there plenty of space for a tent? How about bathrooms? If I can work it out I'll try and load up on butts on base here. Usally 1.01 a pound or less if I can catch them on sale!
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Plenty of room for a tent and I already have a case of butts. We're not all that far from Panama City either oh and bring what you want to drink
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Hope you can make it, Bamafan. Would love to have another member of the Tide family to buddy up with! Roll Tide Roll!!

Jerry - I'll send Mark a PM and start to get the grocery list together. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again, buddy PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sumo, trying to work on my schedule and if I can make it trying to figure out what to bring to cook. Piney said he already has a case of butts. Hopefully I pick up the new smoker in a couple of weeks and have time to burn it in and can drag it over. From looking at the past pictures it looks like a free for all on the cooking?
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I'm getting things ready for the trip not sure what I bringing yet but I'll be there in something. But I cann't wait for this one and I have a bunch of baggy pants too. Homemade cinnamon rolls but jerry you are going to eat a whole pan shucks Rock can the wife make 2-3 pans I'll help if she needs.??
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In all honesty, Jerry has so much food already stocked that it's not necessary to bring another piece of meat (or meats) to smoke, as well as the smoker. By no means am I discouraging you to bring something you might have a taste for, but for the most part, we are usually set and have more food than the town itself, can manage to eat in a day. icon_mrgreen.gif

Just worry 'bout getting there and bringing your beverage of choice. The rest will be taken care of. biggrin.gif
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We are fired up about the trip. Planning to bring some summer sausage and some goat. not sure what else. Let me know if you need anything special Laurel.
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Will do, Jeff, thanks! Just worry about getting your group down here so we can see ya! icon_mrgreen.gif
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I'll know after Good Friday about the crawfish. Boiled a couple of sacks Saturday and they are starting to get a bit bigger and cheaper. Looks like Liz has to do something for the in-laws that weekend so I'll probably just leave her home.

Anybody traveling I-10 from the west want to meet in Slidell and share a ride let me know. How about all you new Louisiana members. If you want to learn how to do it right this is the place.

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Piney things are looking good for me to be able to be there after work on Friday. Looking forwar to it. You have PM
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Cool glad to hear your going to make it. We are in the woods but only 10-12 miles from town if you find you need something once you get here. Its looking like we may have a pretty good turn out and hopefully a few others will decide they can make it as well.
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How many people are you expecting?
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With families and all, I'd expect no less than 20 people?
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Unless things at work change , it appears that i won't be able to make it this year..Maybe i'll get lucky..I'm gonna miss seeing everyone..For those of you thinking about going, you really should.. It's a blast and Jerry and Karen are great hosts..Laurel and Brian, have a snort of single malt for me !!icon_mrgreen.gif
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I won't be able to make the gathering this time. Between the cost of airfare and starting a new job, it's just not going to happen.
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Dang Mike, will definitely miss you at this one. mad.gif I even had a special 'bama t-shirt to wear for you Gator fans icon_cool.gif .

Dawn - hope you can make it another time.
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Man sorry to hear that now Mike cause I was gonna see if you wanted to tag team the RV cause we have family from baltimore coming in and we both cann't leave them here alone. Oh well and Laurel there will still be enough GATOR fans there for you now.
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Hey Mark, don't count me completely out yet.. Things change fast where i work..If i do end up going i DO wanna split the RV with ya...Plus, who wouldn't wanna see another bama shirt?PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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