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Hmm seems I've heard that before biggrin.gif
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I'm thinking maybe we should do some lamb and goat I have never had either and I think its time. If you haven't tried either or both then its time for you too if you like them great if you don't thats ok we'll still have pork, beef, and poultry. I'll bet we even manage to have oysters again biggrin.gif
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It all sounds good to me. Hope I can make it.
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Can't help it when you always plan these things during a Mother/Daughter get together. Hard to tear them apart PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Agree on the goat,, it is awsome and simple, salt pepper and cook.
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Maybe you'll be able to cook goat in a way that makes it edible, probably just had some done pourly a couple of times but I am willing to give it another shot

Still a way away but are you interested in boiling some crawfish? Should be a good time of the season for them. If anybody wants to learn how to boil I can probably bring them live (5 hr drive?). Or I can just boil them the night before and ice them.

If you Florida guys get them all the time I can look at bringing something else.

Hey Jerry,
with the back still giving me problems can you recommend a hotel or campground cabin in the area. Not sure a good nights sleep on the ground would be a good thing.

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Al hopefully the goat is good if not we'll have plenty of other stuff. Crawfish does sound. There are several motels and a campground that rents small cabins. Any brand motel you prefer? The campground is the Chattahoochee KOA.
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Should I look for hotels in Chattahoochee or in Quincey? Which is closer. KOA or the hotels?

I'm sure if you're doing the goat it will be great. Look forward to trying it again.

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Al Quincy would be the place and more the exits to Quincy then in town. There are several hotels at I-10 and Hwy 267 and a couple at I-10 and Hwy 90 either one isn't a bad drive. The KOA is not a bad drive either but the cabins don't have bathrooms or TV's basically just a bed and a/c or heat but you'd prolly be here most of the time anyway. When we first bought the property I stayed at several of the hotels and the ones at I-10 and 267 seemed like they are a little closer then I put the 5th wheel at the KOA for months and that was close too. Check out this thread for names and phone numbers I'm sure the rates have changed and may be even cheaper at some

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I would Jump at the chance for some real crawfish What we get at home is not exactly representitive of the gulf coast flavors I had last time I was there :)

Looking forward to this more each day.
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Thanks Piney, I'll check it out. Didn't realize there was already a link on the site.

Rio, like everyone else I love sharing part of my heritage. The boil is the social event where everyone stands around with a beer soaking in the smells and flavors of the pepper, lemon, garlic and spices in the boil. Hot crawfish right out the pot, if you have never had them, are like donuts hot out the grease, there is nothing better.

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I bet AL. All we get here is frozen to reheat. The crawfish we have here are so tiny they are not worth messing with.
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Crawfish sounds great I have a couple burners and large pots around here. I hope we have plenty of people show up to eat all the food we have planned biggrin.gif It should be another great time with good people
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Alright folks, it's about time to start getting some head counts together as the Event will be here before we know it.

Besides myself, Brian (grouper sandwich), Mark (Mballi), and Mike (JaxGatorz), who else is making plans to attend?

The grocery fund will be in effect and I'll chip in a nice bottle of single malt scotch (since Brian got us started on this fun tradition at the last gathering) icon_cool.gif .

Hoping to see some new, and old, faces!
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I will not be able to attend.
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I'm still hoping to attend. I'll contribute towards the grocery fund unless I can hitch a ride down with someone.
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I'm still planning on coming. Right now crawfish are very expensive and small. The price should drop quite a bit and their quality should improve as it warms up. If it ever warms up. My wife is insisting on another vacation after spending our last one stuck in an Arkansas Hospital with me so I have to fit that in before now and the middle of April.

As we get closer I'll need a count for Friday night so we know how many sacks to get.

Piney, I'll pm you about the pots and burner so I don't have to haul my stuff up there.

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As of now we are in with no expectation of it changing. Looks like it will be the whole family and maybee dad if some things work out. We will see.. Regardless at least I will be headed to florida that weekend.
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Mmmmmm, crawdads!
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Yea you can count of me and the wife and I'll be looking for the whole goats too. I'll be getting back with you there Jerry or Laurel on that request. Now I also really like the crawfish idea but remember me and the wife are fat kids and we loved the mudbugs.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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