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I'm not for sure what time it will be as I'm not fixing it. That being said I would suspect it would be a later than normal dinner since most will be coming in on Friday.
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Well its countdown time hope everybody is having a good week and getting packed up and ready to go
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Friday's not going to get here fast enough!!!!!!!!!!! The weather forecast looks great all weekend. Appears lots of subscreen will be required.
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Well it's officially official.. I won't be able to make it.. I really wish i could ..As if everything else isnt great to eat , now you throw in a crawfish boil !! Oh well, i reckon i need my job, darnit..Make Laurel and Brian do a shot of single malt for me .icon_smile.gif
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Sandy and I have had a upper resperatory thing goin since last Thursday but between the meds and rest i think we still are coming. If We are told by our Dr. we are contagious we will not come. Other than that it is a go. May be in bed early while there but dammmm I aint gonna miss this one if Doc says is ok!
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Mike - so sorry to hear you're missing this one. Will miss ya for sure, but will try to get together soon.
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Aww dang it, Rick. Sorry to hear that you and Sandy are both sick. Hope those antibiotics kick in soon and we see ya at the gig. icon_smile.gif
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Hope you all have a great time.

I will be there in spirit.

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Just put two bushells of oysters on order for Friday morning. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Talk about making a person HOMESICK, I grew up in that neck of the woods. Graduated from Rutherford High School in 1970. Lived in Bear Creek for years, mom and brothers still live there. Well you guys have a good time. crawdads and goat, oh man oh man. Just drooling sitting her in the desert.

Have Fun,

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Well unless things take a health turn for the worse we are comiing. Sandy bought 5lbs sugar and 10 lbs flour for the cin rolls. One good hand for me and allergy pills and stuff and I am there for better or worse! LOL
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Now it is a go for me too. I have arrived at work (in west palm beach) days earily so we can get enough worked done so I can be freed to travel friday night to Jax and then either fri or sat to travel to talle. So I wouldn't miss this one and we will have to do some funny something for the sleeping but it will be worked out so day. But I will be attending.
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Ron - one of these days .... would love to meet ya PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

They are a fan favorite at the gathering. As host, for every oyster that is shucked, Brian has to shuck 2 for Jerry. biggrin.gif

Would love to have ya at one of the gatherings if you're ever back this way, Chalee.

Awesome news, Rick!! So glad to hear both of you will be making it PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I'm heading up early Friday morning and hope to arrive between 11 - 11:30 with groceries in tow, along with a nice bottle of single malt scotch.
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Don't forget my cooler Mark, my boat misses it.icon_mrgreen.gif
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I'm packing the trailer now. Piney do you have splitting tools/wood? I can bring my maul and sledge if required. New trailer is getting fuller and fuller! Gonna have to throw some thing out to make room for tasty beverages and ice!!!!!!!!!!
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In case Jerry doesn't reply to the post, he's got plenty of wood and a nice log splitter that was the hit of past gatherings!
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Well I'll leave ole manual spliiter at homePDT_Armataz_01_37.gifI don't remember splitting wood so hard when I was ypung.
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Splitting wood around here isn't too hard. I have enough cherry and pecan to run the smokers so you don't need to haul any. Rick glad to hear you and Sandy are feeling better and will be attending. Mike you'll be missed.
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Packing as I type this. Soon to start loading the SUV and leaving 6am in the morn. That should put us at camp between noon and 1pm or so. See ya all then.
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Just found out the wife can take off at noon fri and i'm off all day made the call and got us a room at the holiday in express. only $89.99 a night.
Will be leaving here around 2pm so should be there between 7-8pm.
How hard is the camp to find at night???
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