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North Florida Gathering IIII

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North Florida on April 16,17, and 18th. Property is just west of Tallahassee, Fl. any and all are more than welcome. Its not a bad drive from a lot of places and is not far off of I-10. This will probably be the only gathering for the year here so if you can make it lets here from you. We will have camping on site we have lots of space for tents and have power and water for several RV's as well. There is a campground with cabins and many motels not far away too. If you have any questions or need directions just send me a PM. This property is out in the woods but we do have water and power and a few other amenities the camp area is a couple acres of cleared land. Heres a few links to past Gatherings





Heres some Hotel and campground/cabin info for those that may need it

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Sandy and I are planning on coming to this one.
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Rick - it'd be great to see you and Sandy again.

I'll be there!!
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I can't commit just yet, but if I can I will make this.
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Jerrry I can promise that if Im in teh country we are coming. Misses and I have talked about thsi sevral times since we left...I will let you know as soon as I can..We will be bringing our camper if we make it..
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Save me a campin spot, If I can make it I will be there...
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I really like to make this one, but I really would know till the time comes. Thanks for the invite Piney.
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Count me in. smile.gif

That gives you plenty of time to work on making sure it doesn't rain this time, Jerry.
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Count me and the wife in and we want another Rv spot. I hope to be in the country too but i'm sure we will and I think I'll just but my name on the same spot as last years. I know I'll put up a Mail Box. I will see you soon for the sausage and bacon weekend too.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Some guys have all the luck.
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sounds like a wonderfull event and looks like the past ones have been great. here is every ones chance to meet and have a toast and pig out on great viddles cooked by all.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'll be there with the wife and kids.
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Well looks like Im gonna be eating fried rice instead....Im kicking and screaming though so maybe I can get it changed...will advise
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Count me in !!
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Hopefully we'll have some great weather this time around. We've had hot we've had cold and we've had rain maybe this one will be perfect we've had that too and would be nice to see again
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Is the Swedish Bikini Team still slated to work the Lang?
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I thought it was you and Jerry running the Lang.....IN A CAMO THONG!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Suits me fine :) Keep the ritas and oysters flowing and I won't know the diffrence.

I am trying to get a hog hunt squared away right before that so we may be able to supply some meat.
I asked for the weened off and it was granted on a conditional basis,,, not shure what the conditions were??
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Rita's, oysters and wild piggy meat. Man, that sounds like a party in and of itself right there!
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Never know, this may be the year PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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