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Looking good! Way to get those kids involved.

points.giffor a great looking smoke. Glad that new smokehouse is working as planned.

Do you ever just lay around and watch TV?
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LOL...Not really!!!!!! Like to stay busy
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Man, I can't wait for spring time to build my plywood smoke shack (don't have a garage or workshopicon_neutral.gif) and this smoke of yours just is inspirational.points.gif
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Looks Great Chris, Was the cheese a hi temp product? I see it held up to the heat well.
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Great looking stuff

Points for getting the fam involved.

I thought the same thinking about the 22mm casing size

Good news is Lem sells 19mm casings, bad news is I cant find a stuffing tube that they work on. Lem discontinued a 3/8 one that fits on their 15 lb stuffer. The one on the jerky cannon is also too big.
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Snack Sticks Part Two

Thought I would throw in the last 20 pounds today since its snowing and the temps are about 20. Its gonna be even colder by the time I take these off so we will test the Plywood/Propane smoker as well...

These are pepper flavor. I tied these and cut to shorter ropes, WAY easier to put on the dowels...Took 3 minutes and 20 minutes last time.....

Resting at room temp for an hour or so

Left overs from retieing these

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Absolutely outstanding post! That is some great looking stuff there.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Its done...The smoker ran all the way to 200 with no problems...These were done exactly like the other one but seems the skins are tougher. Maybe after blooming they will get better..I will always tie my ends together like I did with these. So much better to deal with.....Later Taters..Enjoy

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been busy and missed dis Chris....Farking awesome....points.gif

I like to dehydrate green japs myself among others....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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In one of the pictures, you have a tray with your remains tied off and ready to go into the smoker. May I ask where you got that tray? Somewhere on the internet? It appears to be plastic. Trying to get all the sources lined up for when I build a smoker similar to yours.
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NWDave--I can answer your question. The plastic tray in some of the pics is from an Excalibur dehydrator. I have the same dehydrator.
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Oh, well then, that was easy. I just ordered an Excalibur 9 tray beastie with timer. Only FedEx knows where it's at right now.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Yep its from an Excalibur Dehydrator....

WTF man..Fedex had my Excalibur for 35 days...Wouldnt let me come pick it up or anything...I have been boycotting them for 6 years now becaus of it...
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nickelmore...eldons sausage/jerky supply..they have the 3/8 stuffer tube
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looking to purchase a excalibur dehydrater...anyone know anything about them?
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There's plenty of information available on their site and plenty of people sell them. They seem to be VERY popular amongst the vegetarians and the raw food eaters. There seems to be a fair representation on this site as well. They're not the cheapest on the block but.... I've been using an American Harvest type, expanded to 12 trays. It'll handle it, but, I'm ready and have stepped up to the Excalibur. One good thing is free shipping, at least during this period. Just did my first batch of Asian Pears (from Costco) and they are fantastic. If you want to wait a couple, three weeks, I'll tell you what I really think of the Excalibur. Mine has the timer, a very definite plus and must have, as far as I'm concerned.

My apologies for the side bar hijack.
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Man that looks Great ! Thank god for child just pay them in food..I think the going federal minimum wage is 12" of snack sticks.
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