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Weekend Smoke

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I'm thinking about throwing a few things in the smoker this weekend. Probably a brisket, a fatty or two and possibly some ABT's.
I dont think the temp is going to get above 30*f this weekend and rather windy. I've never smoked in the winter time. Any advice on maintaining temp in the GOSM BB?

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Mine is a gas GOSM also, not a problem in this temp. just have to turn the burner a little higher to keep temp... If really windy you may want to make a windbreak. but keeping temp should not be a problem
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What ^^^^ said just turn it up and a wind block if needed
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I have had a GOSM and a Smoke Vault and I really don't have any problem with the temp part to. Now as far as the wind thing I haven't had to much problem there either. In fact the only thing I have to worry about is running out of gas and I have 4 tanks so I pretty well covered there too.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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