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Tri Tip Roast

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Hi, I'm new to the world of smoking meat. I just bought a masterbuilt electric smoker and I want to smoke a tri tip roast. What kind of rubs or marinades do you guys use. Any info would be great.

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My opinion only, is keep it simple. Garlic salt and pepper and take it to 130' for rare and juicy. You can always reheat to a more well done state in the Micro on low.

Good luck.
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I coat in mustard and rub with Montreal seasoning and garlic powder.
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I agree with Ron. I've tried other stuff but the garlic salt and pepper only always seems to turn out best
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I only use kosher salt and cracked pepper on beef...
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I just did a little reading on this yesterday as well, and it seems the salt, pepper +/- garlic seems to be the best option.

I agree with this because I'm a beef lover and would hate to cover up any natural taste.

I'm hoping to do my first Tri-Tip this weekend :)
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Don't forget the QView!
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You won't have to worry about that :)
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I usually go Santa Maria style on Tri tip: Garlic Powder, Salt, and Black Pepper. Although I usually do mine on the grill over mostly indirect heat.

Aside from getting some smoky goodness, does it cook any "better" over slow and low? It's a pretty lean cut, wondering if it dries out much?
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I have been grilling them for years and have not "smoked" one yet. I usually use the garlic, black pepper and sea salt on mine. I also grill with direct heat to get the grill marks and the crispy outside then move off to indirect heat and toss in a foil packet of hickory chips and close the lid for 15 minutes to get some smoke
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I agree with what they said, In comment to Hilbilly's post, I THINK the santa mariea style/rub has some rosemarry,sage?,and basil? in it.
You wont go wrong with any of the above listed, I have done many with SnP,and garlic,and onion powder. I'm not huge fan of rosemarry,but many do.
Lots good advice above,try and see what works for you.
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Just like half the folks here salt, pepper, and some garlic and sometime I round it off with zateran's cajun seasoning or zanderans itself is really good too.
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I recently did a reverse sear on a tri tip and I absolutely can't wait to do it again. It was all gone just minutes after slicing. The first one I tried I left in the smoker a bit too long and it was close to well done which I don't like. The last one was still a lil more done than I would have preferred but it did still have some pink in the middle and it was very, very moist!
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I was wondering what you mean by doing a reverse sear on your tri tip?
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Thanks for all the great ideas. I can't wait for this weekend to give it a tri.
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The last one I did I didn't put anything on it. Just smoked it with oak until it reached 135 and pulled it. It had great flavor and great smoke ring and smoke taste.
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