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sausage ingredients

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Hi live in Oregon does anybody know where I can find these ingredients dextrose,corn syrup solids,ilavor binder 86,curing salt.I have looked in every grocery store I can't find this stuff
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What kind of sausage are you making?

Curing salt you can get at some grocery stores, otherwise what is the rest of the stuff for?
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Couldn't tell you locally where to find them. Might try a homebrew supply or whole/natural foods store for some of them. Otherwise online is your best bet. The Sausage Maker, Butcher-Packer, Allied-Kenco, or Midwestern Research are the ones I use most.
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pepperoni, sorry my main post should read flavor binder 86
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You're most likely going to have to order it, unless you have a specialty butcher shop nearby that makes their own smoked sausage and is willing to sell you some. Even if they do, I can't imagine them having all of it. Flavor binder 86 is not a common ingredient used in sausage making.

I recommend Butcher-Packer.

As mulepackin said the corn syrup solids and dextrose, you might be able to get from a place that sells ingredients for home brewing beer.
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what part of oregon are you in? It's a pretty big place as you know...
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The flavor binder 86 is a filler. I wouldn't use it in any sausage that I made.
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In Gresham.
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I'll tell you like everyone told me Butcher Packer.com. But I have since learned that you can use Raw sugar for the Dextrose then for the corn syrup solids I think thats the one that you can used dry/ powdered milk for the binder. Now as far as a cure you have to looks for a good butcher who makes their own sausage and they should have the cure part and maybe the other parts is pieces you need.
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yes Gresham just outside Portland
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All the stuff you asked about you will probably need to order on line..Most places I've dealt with ship fast, you might have it in a 2-3 days depending where ya are. I've never heard of binder 86, I'm not saying its bad, I just can't comment on it.
Research you ingredients and maybe you can substitute some , but if you are new at sausage making go with the recipe in a small batch and adjust it to you liking on the second run.
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You can get some of that stuff (Dextrose I am sure of) at a homebrew supply shop.
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You should be able to find dextrose in just about any home brew supply store, and there's plenty of them out there. If you get over to this side of town I know the brew store on 99w in tigard sells it. You might check a Natures or Whole Foods too.

The solids and binder I have no idea, maybe try a local butcher. I've had luck getting odd cuts of meat from Voget Meats in hubbard, and I use them to butcher beef when I buy it. They seem to be pretty good about getting anything related to meat and they make their own sausage so they should know where to get some.

And curing salt, I'm sure they would have it too, or at least know where you could get it. I've had luck finding Morton's Tender Quick in both Fred Meyers and Haggens. In haggen it's with all the other salts and spices. Freddy's usually has it with their canning supplies.

Good luck!
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Here is a link to supplies at Sausage Maker...

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Man you are close, I live in Forest Grove.
Anyway, there is a great hombrew shop in downtown Hillsboro. Mainstreet Homebrew. Kevin has lots of great stuff and info.
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Hey thanks for the info guys you have given me some leads
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You could also try this company - I just ordered some stuff from them last week

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Hey thanks great site I Ordered what I needed
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Hello .,1adam12,,,,How about a recipe?and binder? glad ya got the info..good info on who to order from.....but pardon the question Why the binder ? What fat to lean ratio? and how big sausage ya makeing? color me curious?
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it's a smoked pepperoni sausage recipe I found on EldonsSausage.com
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