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Old Smokey too Steamy

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Hello, I am new to the site and ultimately Smoking meat. I chose the Old Smokey because i live in an apartment complex and I can't have a real smoker.

With that said, I am trying to make my Old Smokey a little better. It just gets too steamy in there for my likes. I tried venting the top of the lid and leaving it cracked open as well, but it lets some steam out but it still builds up a bit. I tried emptying the drip pan, still way too steamy. I have sand on the bottom and a layer of Absorbent above that.

Is there anything that I can do to soak up some of the steam in it or is it how it's designed? I'd love to have a nice bark on what I smoke but I don't seem to see that happening.
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I think we're going to need some more info to really give you any advice.

what meat are you smoking?

how long did you smoke it?

what temp is the unit running at?

what internal temp did you remove the meat at?

Don't get discouraged..lots of knowledgable folks will be along to help out.
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If moisture is building up, venting is your only option. Not real familiar with your smoker, but I would think a couple of vents could be added if there aren't any now. Something like ECB modded vents. Heres mine:
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Are you using the electric model, or charcoal? The electric is designed to retain moisture. I had a charcoal model years ago and I never had problems controlling moisture. In fact, I was able to turn out some outstanding meals with that thing. If you are using the electric you might be able to mod the lid with a vent, but I would be concerned about being able to retain heat.
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I am using the electric model.

I am smoking mostly tritip and pork at the moment. Going to try some of those fatties I am drooling over.

I smoke at the standard 215-230*. Tritip takes maybe 1.5-2h depending on internal temp, I shoot for 135 so I can throw it under the broiler. Pork takes a lot longer but I take it out at 190+ if I'm pulling it.

I guess it is just designed to use steam to help cook the meat.
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I was looking at your smoker in a Northern Tool catalog and it looks and sounds like it was designed to work with its unvented, tight fitting lid. If its only a nice bark you are after, and you like the flavor of what you are smoking otherwise, you can try a couple other tricks. not sure how hot the burner gets, but after the full smoke time, remove the lid and cook for an additional 30 or so minutes, to see if that will set the bark. Other similar options would be to finish on a gas grill, or in the oven broiler. Thats pretty much what I do with brisket and ribs that I finish in foil. The foil softens the bark, but a little grill time (indirect heat only, or you'll burn the sugars in the rub) will usually set it up nicely.
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