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sunday tri tip w/qview

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didnt really do any prep other than grinding some pepper on it, as i bought it already marinated in a red wine sauce. apparently they ordered a bunch for new years and had left over on sale. butcher pointed them out said i should try smoking one. usually we dont have this cut around here much...
smoked over cherry, smoker at 225.

plan was to smoke to 135 deg... i musta shut the alarm off the reciever on the maverick but i caught it at 141. ran out there and pulled imediatly. wrapped in foil and then in a towel for a half hour rest.

sliced cross grain

and had with some canned store bought baked beans... pretty bad eh... lol, was pretty good. i guess it pretty much the same as a london broil.

thks for cking my pics!!!
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Looks great E! Glad u ran fast.
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Looks great! I'm going to have to do another one of those soon.
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Looks great as usual.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'll take a couple of slices to go, please. icon_mrgreen.gif
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that looks great. points.gif
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Man oh Man I'm glad you run quick cause that came out looking great too.
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Looks very nice. I may have to try that red wine sauce idea.
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