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back ribs

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got some loin back ribs on the ECB.. got them on sale at kroger. they're not the best looking ribs I have seen, a little on the fatty side but I got three half racks for 7 bucks so who can complain. gonna do a 2-2-1 for the first time and see how things go. got them rubbed with a Memphis style rub that i came up with.

Qview coming soon
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Look forward to the Q view, Cody. Good luck.
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that's all that's left..they were very good. a little more chewy then i like then..figured after a 2-2-1 they would be fallin of the bone. could have been due to the fact that it was very cheep meat
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Cheap ribs.. Ohh NO!!! Maybe next time try something a little better. Still looks tasty though
Heck of a price to for 3 racks
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yeah. kroger has them on sale like that about once a month and I never tried them because they didn't look very good. but at 3 to 7 bucks per pack I figured what the hell. like I said they were still tasty just a little too chewy.

sprayed them with apple juice while they smoked. then covered them with some BBQ sauce 30min before i pulled them to please the fam..they hate dry ribs but I love em.
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I hear that. My family thinks ribs is their own food group. They don't care how they come out aslong as they come out. They'd eat up off the floor with a 10 second rule and if need be a 20 second rule.
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