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smokehouse in the works

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started this thing 3 weeks ago it measures 4'x3'x6'.
frame and insulation

inside with t&g pine

lower flame area


2-4" dampered exhaust vents
safety valve with thermocouple to venturi
smoke delivery pipe,heat diffuser

pipe burner, thermocouple,adjustable secondary air intake

trial run:
well, i guessed at the btu's i would need for the temps i was looking for, and was off a bit. the pipe burner i made is at around 20,000 btu. at 20 deg air temp, the lowest temp in the smoker i can hold is 180* if i try and get lower the flame becomes to unstable. today i will make a smaller btu pipe burner. also i think a needle valve is needed.ideally id like to get this thing to hold temps between 120*-240* using propane, and maybe electric hot plate for lower temps [cold smoke] just want to thank everyone on this forum for some good ideas shared and maybe i can give some as well.
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Great Job...
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That's very interesting design! I've acquired a couple of dead freezers I am going to make smokers out of.
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Good start. With the PM66 sitting there, you must know how to build. LOL

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Looks great!
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Great lookin Smokehouse Share your plans?
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yeah builder, carp by trade, but smokehouses are a bit out of my scope lol. yes the pm66 has been the workhorse of my hobby woodshop for years.

hounds, thats the whole problem, had no plans lol. basically framed 4' x 3'x6'h with 2x2's. then added interior wood,then insulated with 2" heat resistant foil faced foam. then added exterior wood. lined bottom inside with cement board.then the guessing game started lol. feel free to shoot me any questions you have.
yesterday i made a smaller burner, this ones around 11000 btus

i insalled it in the smoke house fired it up and at 50* air temp was able to maintain temps from 120*- 240* just what im looking for.
i also added a needle valve, and a flame inspection hole

seems kinda primative but now i know what that flame looks like when everything is closed up, also will be a good route for cord with hotplate if needed
today is moving day,gonna try to skid it out of the shop to its new home, this may be an adventure lol. wish me luck.
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nice work!
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