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Today's shoulder and brisket

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I made it through the wind and the extra cold temps today. Started on Tuesday when I put the rub on both:

Due to the cold I need some extra help

I finally got the smoker going but it was so hard to get the temp up and actually keep ot there.

The temp was a difficult task for my first time in with the new smoker but:

Then it started to happen at 5 hours in

I pulled the brisket off and finished it in the over and tried to keep up the temp in the smoker.
here is the brisket with sauce all done IT'S GREAT!

At 8 hours in the smoker having trouble with temps, it finally got to 165 degrees and I went to foil in the oven

Shoulders finally got to 206, and I pulled them out, let them rest in a covered pan for an hour and started to pull

And here you see my final result 11 pounds...LETS PARTY 11:15PM

Hope this wored out. Let me know your thoughts!
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Those look great - nice work
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Thanks scarbelly - It was FREEZING out here in South New Jersey. About 20 degrees and 25-30 MPH winds. Made teh wind chill temp in the low single digits! But the prize was worth it!
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They Look Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job on the whole smoke and I like the pork alot. Nothin like some good PP
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Those look GREATPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Makes me glad i live here in AZ
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Nice job. Pionts for braving the cold!points.gif
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