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Smoke Logbook

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anybody come up with a record keeping logbook for what, when and how they smoke?
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Sorry my engineering comes through as geekiness. But I use these for my smokes, my cures and I have a seperate one for the wines I drink. They cost about a buck.

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I know I'll be devestated if there's ever another great crash, but I do pretty detailed threads on the SMF. I often go back and look at my own old threads and go "oh yeah, that's what I did".
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that works,,
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Knock on wood that shouldnt happen. I have tried to take steps to minimize loss if it happens. Im talking less than 24 hours work of data at the most.
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For me I just keep a running log that I update after each smoke. I list my impressions of the final smoke along with Smoker temps, adjustments that needed to be made because of wind, temp, wood being used etc. If I get an assist from a fellow SMF member that I would like to try, I try it and make note of the resullts and my impressions. I ususally keep a log for each type of meat I am smoking and keep it on a flash drive, so if my laptop crashes, I have it saved.
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I have a 3" 3 ring binder sectioned off into Beef, Pork, Poultry, Sausage, and Rubs/Marinades that I use to keep track of what I try, tweaks I would like to make in the future, and how I felt about what I made.
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I found one here
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Thanks RickW...That is exactly what I was looking for.
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Rick beat me to it...

That's the one I have... use?, no to be honest...
I have always said I need to print that out eveytime I smoke cuz I will LEARN from it. But I get lazy.
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Thanks gonna print some out and use it
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If I kept records then I wouldn't need to come here and bug you all! icon_smile.gif
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I'm not real formal, but I do make notes especially the first 2 or 3 hours of a smoke.

Tonight represents Last Nights super bowl smoke, comparing smoking identical meat the week before..

I use a simple note database called MytreeDBPro I discuss it in this thread.

I keep minor notes on smokes there, as well as a ton of other stuff, including recipes, projects, etc. I highly recommend this little DB program as a free form storage of info you want to save and easily find and use later.
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There are lots of ways to set-up a Log for BBQing.  I use a small record book($1.50) and record all my recipes, techniques , weather conditions , type of wood  , heat at which I choose to keep my cooking chamber , track my IMT's and explain how I corrected any problems I have during cooking (wind , Rain ,temps. ,etc.)


A lot of you have some extrodinary ways of doing things and many worth noting for future trial. Takes no time to start a log , and it is a great way to spend your time during cooks .


I highly recommend this practice for anyone , experienced or not. I was a Chef for several years at the French Quarter in Perrysburg , Ohio ; I still keep logs on my cooking .  A definite help for all Cooks/Chefs and wanna-bes.


Have fun and . . .

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