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Thoughts & Prayers from PA too !

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Our prayers will be with you from OK
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Thank you all for your prayers - there is no improvement at this point- she is still in ICU and critical. They are moving her to another hospital this morning which has a better cardiac unit. They don't seem too optomistic that she will even survive.
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Our Heart felt heavy for this women and that family too. Our prays and hope goes along
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prayers sent..........
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My wife's family has a cousin that was involved in a car accident in Sept.in Tucson ,AZ she has been in a non responsive state since .some induced and now just kind of watching the world go by. It takes allot of faith and hope to keep things going and can be a real trying and learning part of life.There is a Caring bridge site for her and the family post things what they are going through but they posted a 10 minn.video of a lady that went through about the same thing Cherish is, she is in our prayers and thoughts.Bill & Crew


this is the link to the wife's cousin
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I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and prayers and to give you an update. They think she experienced an electrical charge in her heart that triggered a heart attack. She was in the back room of the store she worked in changing clothes and was not discovered for a few minutes. She is not breathing on her own and the doctors told the family to prepare for the worst.
This is so sad at age 35, at my ripe old age of 63 we expect to have family and friends go but not at this age.
Again thanks to all - it means a lot
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My prayer sent to Cherish, She is in the Lords hands. I added a prayer for Her family and friends too. They will need all the help they can get in this trying time.
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our hearts & prayers go out to her & her family!!!!!
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It would appear that the end is near. They did all kinds of tests and found her to be brain dead. They will stop life support tomorrow
To loose them this young is just so wrong

Thanks to all of you for keeping her in your prayers -
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Very sorry to hear that. Very sad new, very sad.
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She will still be in our thoughts and prayers.and the family too.
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Cherish and her family are in our prayers in MO.
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This is very sad to all to lose one so young. Maybe she's needed elsewhere.

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Is there anything we can do as a group to help the kids?
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They have a large extended family and I have not heard anything yet but hope to speak to someone today to see if they are setting up a fund for the kids. Thanks for asking - will let you all know what I find out
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very sad news......
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Scarbelly-I just now came upon this thread. I am so sorry to hear of this. My prayers and thoughts go out to her family and friends in this hour of need. I pray that all involved will find understanding and comfort.

God Bless-
-The Rev.
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I never know what to say in times like this, sorry to hear the news.
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My sympathy and Prayers also
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