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Simple Salmon Qview

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A successful salmon smoke.

I used Dutch's Maple Glaze and just threw in a chunk of cherry wood on my electric Brinkmann. Went on at 11pm and came off just after 1am. I mopped the glaze sauce on about every 45 minutes.

I didn't brine the fish and have never really considered doing that. I see others suggesting it though so next time I will try a brine.
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Looks good!

Thanks for posting.
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Yummy looking' eats PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks like it came out great!
I have always brined and been happy with the results, but know it can get over salted if not careful.
I have not tried Dutch's maple glaze, but it is now on the list for the next salmon smoke!
I have not tried cherry either...hmm time to go shopping!
Thanks for sharing.
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Great Looking Salmon...
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that looks good. Question, Do people usually brine their salmon? I haven't tried salmon yet but wondering if that would get to salty or still be a good piece of fish.
Either way I'd take a bit of that one!
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now your in my wheelhouse. hot smoke no brine can be very good, but if your looking for a traditional slow smoked salmon a brine is a must. my grandfather would just use rock salt with the fish layed out on a table(usually 2- 4x8 sheets of plywood as he was a commercial fisherman) for a couple hours then spray down with a hose and smoke for as much as 16 hours for the big kings. any way you look at tho salmon is the bomb, eat it every day.
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a basic brown sugar based cure mixture works great. Can get salty if brined too long however. Couple days seems to be plenty.
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What kind of temps were you smoking at? Looks like you smoked for a little over 2 hours. Nice looking salmon.

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