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Burnt Ends...

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First of all, Happy New Year All.

I cooked a brisket this morning. I rubbed it with Spicewine Heffer Dust and threw in a few hunks of hickory.
It was on the Egg for 9 hours at which point I seperated the point from the flat, chopped it up, added more rub and some sauce and back into the Egg - Loving the Burnt Ends!!!

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Those look mighty fine Elly
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Oh man those look so good, i can't wait to try burnt-ends next time i do a brisket. Great job!
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They look great Elly...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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MMmmmmmm, meat candyPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif.

Could possibly be it's own food group LOL.
Great job, they look awesome.
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That looks so good, Good work.
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Thanks Guys - that is some good stuff. I am thinking about dicing up the flat and using that for burnt ends too....
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Chop it up gurl....Man I love me some burnt end samiches with cole slaw on it....Yours look awesome
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Looks yummy....
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Looks great Elly-think it's time for a brisket here.
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Oh yeah! The bovine version of pig candy. Love those burnt ends... I've done em twice since Christmas

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