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Does anyone know if there is

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any open bbq competition in the spring in kansas city
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Check this link. Click on May then Scroll down the page. There are several comps in KS including the KS State Championship.
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wheres the link and thanks
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Your best resource for upcoming events is from the KCBS website...They are one of the major sanctioning bodies of BBQ Competitions. Here is a link to their website for events...just click the month you are interested in, things really ramp up in the spring when the weather starts to get nice.

A lot of the info on the KCBS has recently been hidden to everyone except KCBS members...but membership does have its privledges, including most recently a free membership to restaurant depot. A great place to grab meat to smoke.
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thanks a lot, that is a great website
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There is a competition in Topeka too. If you send me your registration you are almost guaranteed to win. Currently I am the only judge and you are the only competitor! Let me know if you need my address! biggrin.gif
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