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Very cool! Keep us posted on your progress!
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For 20 years I called on HVAC shops and sheet metal shops, in those days I only did a little smoking on the weber kettle, I was really into ocean fishing and keeping my 20' center console in the water as much as possible. The last 10 years I get into smoking and I now live 500 miles from where I had all those connections. I could have easily made a few deals that in the end would have cost me zero and get nice custom made smoker.

Your pics of the build remind me of those days. Thanks for the pics
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And the build continues. Bro appreciates the comments. Thanks to all.

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Looks great !
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at least a small garden gator and a bucket of mudbugs.lol.

your smoker is looking great. the steel tires do not have mud lugs?
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Man I am jealous!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to start building one!!! I just need to get my hands on a tank (i do not have the equipment or ability to what your brother is doing)PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Simply an amazing build Bud. Tell Bro Kudos. All the Best my friend...points.gif
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Getting there....

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I just got a woody......
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Cutouts for the handles and the smoke stack dampers...Going to be sweet.

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I love this thread!
I have drooled over lots of posts on the SMF. Now I am drooling not only over your build, but the mad skills your brother has and the shop...wow! I love to fabricate...thats like Santa's workshop on steriods! I am so jelous!
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Thanks Frog. He does have some skills. Glad I have a bro like him..
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That is a beauty in the works... Tell your Bro to keep up the good work.
Youre gonna owe him a lifetime of "Q".
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Exhaust on...won't be long now...

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Cajunsmoke13 this might help, then it might not. this info is good. I have used this method on several grill and my lang. works very good.

BBQ Smoker Cooker Firing, Cleaning and Seasoning Instructions
1.First time to season: spray cooking area with vegetable oil or PAM or melt some crisco and paint in on all metal surfaces spray what you can not get to with pam non alchol based. (walls, doors, grates, etc.) Every thing inside the cooker. After you have started your cooker, (pre cook in it by letting the oil sizzle and sear and pre grill for about 35 to 45 minutes or longer and then do the spray misting with water as follows.)2.Build fire: use 4-5 pieces of split, dried hardwood (soda can diameter), leaving all doors and vents/dampers wide open initially, (also brass valve at bottom wide open with gallon bucket underneath)3.Light fire with kindling, (charcoal, fat lightered, Wesson oil soaked paper towel, etc.) or a propane brush burner; get a large fire going and wait until black smoke bellows out; then close cooker door to "propped open" (i.e. over closed latch). When flames come out of the fire box, close fire box door to "propped open" position (i.e. over closed latch).4. When temperature gauge reaches about 300 degrees Fahrenheit, open cooker door and spray/mist water inside on all surfaces. (This is the steaming process). Then, let fire re-heat to 300 degrees Fahrenheit again and repeat spray/mist process. Steam cleaning inside entire cooking area. Then, add a large piece or two of split wood, close chimney damper to 45 degrees and fire box vents to almost closed, and let cooker "smoke cure" which creates a hardwood smoke glaze.5.Oiling process is only done initially. The firing mode (i.e. doors open, etc.) is done every time you fire up. The steam cleaning should be done after each cook or before, by getting the grill hot to create steam.6.Remember: Great food comes from a clean grill; that is where the consistency comes in.
Other Information Before each cooking, after grill is hot, spray a little water inside to clean off any dust and if you have not cleaned your cooker from the last cooking, do so now. (If you clean your grill after each cooking, It's A Snap.)
Heat is what does the cooking; the smoke does the flavoring.
Things you will need:
Stainless steel version of a wire brush for use of cleaning cooking racks and a scraping tool for scraping down drip pan. Do These Things And You Will Have The Best BBQ In The World.
I Guarantee It!
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Thanks Coyote...Much appreciated as always. Hopefully I get out that way one day.
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got me wanten to get one going so keep us postedPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looking good. I think your brother my have a new side business he can start pushing.
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Work continues on the Cajunator. I am still living in a hotel with the family, so no smoking for me. Two weeks we leave for WV...and I will have the Cajunator waiting for me.

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