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New Yearsday Smoke w/Qview

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This is my first Qview so here goes.

My sons second birthday party is tomorrow and we are hosting a bunch of outlaws, oops, I mean inlaws that will need something to eat. Therefore, Im smoking a 17# Brisket and a 9# Shoulder to have leftovers tomorrow for the party.

I started off with a cheap brisket from Walmart, $1.89/lb. My normal meat store doesnt have whole briskets so Walmart actually came in handy. I slathered it with mustard and added my secret rub. Its only secrect because i made it up and dont remember what went into it, but it did taste damn good.

Here it is before the wrap and rest overnight.

Next the shoulder was injected with Capt'n, Pinneapple, Worchester and rubed before its wrap and rest overnight.

I had planned to get up at 5 and have the smoker ready by 630 but that fell through due to the wife making me drink last night. So instead, the smoker was at temp with the smell of Pecan billowing out the top around 930.

Here they are just starting out on thier journey.

3 Hours in, adding a chunk of apple now, i only had 1 chunk of Pecan and some water. The temp has been between 230 and 245 so far

Hopefully there will be more to come, cracking my first beer now.

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nice start!
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Great looking smoker, love the way everything looks!
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Lookin good so far, I like the secret rub, even secret to yourself.
I get my brisket at Walmart too, not only do they carry full packers but my other options are those pretrimmed, small cuts of the flat for $ way I'm paying that.
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The smoke is still going, sorry no pic yet. I just probed the shoulder to find out that its 156 inside.

At 170, im planning on wrapping and taking them both to 205, and then let rest for a couple hours and pull, refridgerate and reheat tomorrow.

Im now wondering how to keep the pulled brisket and pork from drying out. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should i pull it or just let it rest and refrigerate and pull tomorrow?

Any ideas are appreciated
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Pork hit 170 and ready for the foil wrap. The brisket is just hanging out at 159.
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Nice job - you are off to a good start
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Looks like a heck of a way to ring in the new years.
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Looks Great, that is one heck of a thick brisket...
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It is definetly the largest brisket Ive done and it was the last one at Walmart yesterday so I couldnt be too selective.

Right now its stalled at 159, the temp in the smoker is a steady 228 and the temp in my backyard is 19.
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this is looking really good so far PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That is one monster brisket... looking good though!
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The pork finished after hitting 200 and a 2 hour nap. It took 11 hours to get this.

Pulled it and ate some, WOW its good, and its great with SoFlaQuer finishing sauce.

About the time i finished eating some pork, the brisket hit 170.

I separated the flat and its ready to be wrapped and back in the smoker

Ive never made Burnt Ends before, but thats about to change in 3hours
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What a way to start a year
certainly earned points points.gif
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Burnt Ends are done and super tasty

The Flat is still resting and I dont think ill slice until i reheat it tomorrow while i smoke BBR.

Good night.
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Nice way to start the new year. I'm sure everyone will enjoy.

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I was to busy to finish the Qview yesterday, so here's the finished brisket just before being devoured. It was tender and juicy with just enough smoke to keep me happy and more than enough to please the outlaws.

Everything turned out so much better than I could have imagined.

Have a Happy New Year.
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