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New Years Day Pork Butt & BB's w-q/view

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6 degrees with a below zero windchill today when I got the butt on @ 7:20. No problem, I got a WSM, temps holding steady.

Injected and rubbed down the butt last night. Wrapped in pastic over night I reapplied the rub this am.

Trimmed/injected Butt:


Charcoal Starter & WSM:

Butt w/ reapplied rub:


Rubbed 2 slabs of BB w/ 2 different rubs to do a comparison:

q-view II:

Ribs for lunch, butt for dinner, also making some slaw from scratch pretty soon, also some top secret ABT's for this months SMF throwdown..

thanks for looking
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Looks good Jim, love the dedication of smoking in the freezing cold PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Now I can't wait to see when your ABTs get posted in the throwdown section.
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the WSM makes it pretty easy, just sit on the couch, and wait. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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looks good so far!
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thanks, this is the first butt I have done on the WSM, looking forward to it.
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So far it yummy vision on the youtube at your house today. Keep it up
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smoker is holding temps even in the bitter cold. It is running through fuel, I had to lite a chimney, and add some lit lump. It almost feels colder out now than this am.

BB's should be about an hour out based on my last look when I added some more rub.
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god I love this WSM. ribs are off the smoker, took about 4 hours start to finish(no foil). Smokey, tender, great texture, nice smoke ring, popping with flavor. Some of the best I have done. I am so glad to be back in the land of lump, and wood chips.



butts probably got another 4 hours, Ill take the first temp reading in about 2 hours. Ill take it to 195-200, foil, and toss in a cooler for a few hours

homemade slaw(shredded green, and red cabbage, diced some onions, and made my own slaw dressing). Its so easy to do, and the fresh taste is so worth it.

red cabbage and onion:

ready for dressing:


thanks for looking.
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Starting 2010 off with a tasty looking smoke, Jim. The homemade cole slaw made my mouth water. Ribs looks fantastic!
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they were popping with flavor,

i am using lump, hickory, and also tossed in some of those Jack Daniels briquettes that have the oak cask chunks in the bag. Ill be buying them again.

just had to refill the water pan, it wasnt empty, but figured Id top it off while I was taking a peek.
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Oh yeah, those be some awesome lookin ribs there Jim!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
And yeah boy, it's colder than @#$^$#%^#$@#^% out there!!!PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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seems like the wind picked up.

gonna put the ABT's on @ 2:00, and while Im at it check the temp on the butt for the first time.
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Butt is @ 160 degrees, after about 6.5 hours.

ABT's are on as for a snack
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Aloha Jim,

The smoke ring on your ribs is a winner. Looking forward to the final Q-view. Happy New Year.
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thanks, typically jealous of folks that live in hawaii on a regular day, moreso today.

the rib snack just got my appetite going.
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5.5# butt took 11 hours.

WSM was a workhorse today in below zero windchills (-10), and single digit air temp(6 degrees). Had to top off the water pan 2x and restock the lump about 3 x. WSM was pinned on 230 the whole 11 hours, no fiddling with vents, etc.

A few samples off the butt show promise of a nice smoker ring, and a nice tasting butt. Its foiled now, and in the cooler for at least an hour rest.

more q-view to follow.
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here are my finished pics. 11 hours, 2 slabs of bb's, some ABT's, and a kickin' pork shoulder.

pre foil & rest in the cooler:

out of the cooler, and the foil:

first piece I pulled:

more pulled pics:

sandwich pics:

pork was killer, slaw was really good, together they were great.

thanks for looking at what me and the WSM knocked out today.
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That's some cold smoking icon_mrgreen.gif Nice going Jim, the ribs and butt looks great. It was a cold rascal that's for darn sure. I ran the offset so it took some tending. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
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thanks rick,

I luckily could monitor things from the couch. I bet the items you knocked out on the offset were worth the work.
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Heck with all them Polar Bears (people who like to swim in frigid waters to bring in the new year). I have more appreciation and respect for our Polar Q'ers, who through rain, icy wind, snow and hail, bring forth the tastiest smoked food.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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